Rihanna was spotted last night with fans at Premier Nightclub in LA:

Silver Spoon Attire | Alexander Wang | Emporio Armani

Rihanna was seen enjoying the night life at a club wearing a mesh bow beanie with pearls designed by Silver Spoon Attire. This classic beanie with a ‘Silver Spoon’ twist features a tulle mesh bow with pearls and the SSA “eye” logo sewn on the reverse. Made of 100% super soft yarn. As of right now these photos are RARE and taken by fans. This post WILL be updated with more info on her outfit if more photos release. Keep checking back!
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Update: Coupled with her SSA beanie, Rihanna wore an all-black attire consisting of a black suit and bra all designed by Alexander Wang. Under her pants, she wore Emporio Armani boxers. She was seen carrying her quilted Chanel bag and wearing her gold “Gran Gran” necklace that was custom-made by Jennifer Meyer. As for her heels, Rihanna wore her suede BB pumps from designer Manolo Blahnik.

• Images via Instagram | Rihanna-Diva