"Stay" On Set || February 2nd

Rihanna arrives on set of her music video “Stay” today:

American Apparel | Converse | Dolce and Gabbana | Chanel

Rihanna was spotted arriving on set for the making of her newest music video, Stay. Stay is the second single from her seventh album, Unapologetic. She wore a Cotton Spandex Jersey Underwire Bustier Dress designed by American Apparel. This dress is 95% cotton and 5% spandex and has a very form-fitting shape. The upper bra is made of nylon coated stainless steal wire. On American Apparel’s site, the dress is currently available in three different colors: Red, Black, and Lapis (which is a blue hue). Complimenting the look, she wore her black monochrome All-Star High-Top Chuck Taylor Converses. Rihanna wore these sneakers during her Complex Magazine photoshoot just recently. (Find out everything she wore during that photoshoot (here).

Her bodyguard is holding her Dolce and Gabbana Padlock Tote that she’s been seen with on several occasions this month. If you’re wondering who designed that large duffle bag she is carrying, it is a Quilted Bag by Chanel. You may remember seeing this same bag when Rihanna stopped in Miami after her Barbados vacation in December. Around her neck, Rihanna wears her constant accessory, the gold custom-made necklace in honor of her Grandmother, designed by Jennifer Meyer. Find out what Rihanna’s BFF Melissa wore to the set of “Stay” also by referring to my post (here).
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To give you more info on Rihanna’s Prada Eyeglasses:

Rihanna is wearing Prada’s ‘Minimal Baroque’ Collection Eyeglasses in the model: PR 09PV. After debuting the frames in October, she wore them on several other occasions in 2012. She returned to Los Angeles after an extensive period overseas wearing them (here). Also, she wore an Adidas ensemble with the same glasses (here). These glasses feature smooth lines that swirl to create grandeur temples, making for a powerful and impressive fashion statement, according to Lens Crafters.

Rihanna took to Instagram for this occasion:

Rihanna uploaded the photo above on Instagram just hours ago with the caption: “Heading to set, M$$ rapping in the backseat @mforde11 #STAY” We can’t wait to see and hear more regarding this video shoot and we will definitely keep you updated!

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