Rihanna's Sex Pigalle || April 27th

Rihanna heads to dinner in New York with her friends Noella, Melissa, Leandra, and Sonita:

Rihanna took to Instagram to reveal her latest look on the way to dinner with her friends Melissa Forde, Sonita, Leandra, and cousin, Noella. In the above photo with Melissa, both ladies rock some serious pairs of heels. Lets talk a little bit about them.

Rihanna complimented her long grey jacket and distressed jeans with a pair of Sex Pigalle leather pumps designed by Christian Louboutin for his Spring 2012 Collection. If the original Pigalle pump wasn’t enough of an eye-catcher, Christian definitely sealed the deal by adding one of the most attention-grabbing three letter words across the toe of these pumps.

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Melissa shows off her impressive Tom Ford sandals. You may remember when she debuted these, back in March when attending the launch of Rihanna’s River Island collection. Refresh your memory by checking out our post (here). These Spring 2013 heels have been spotted on Rihanna in a metallic gold earlier this month. To review both her and Melissa’s looks on that occasion, visit our previous post (here). She’s been seen in several other pieces from this footwear collection as well.

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