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Rihanna was spotted leaving her hotel in Amsterdam today:

After having a day off yesterday, Rihanna is back to work tonight. She will be performing in Cologne, Germany! We last saw her leaving her hotel the day before yesterday (here), in some serious Silver Spoon Attire threads! Today is no exception! Let’s get right into what she’s wearing.

Rihanna started off her look with none other than Silver Spoon Attire. On this occasion, she wore their Cameo Bucket Hat. This cotton camo bucket hat is hand-finished with yellow lamb nappa trim, turning the brand’s classic cameo into an everlasting statement. The hat also features the woven eye logo sewn on one side. You can get one for your own closet at the link below of £80 (approx. $123 US).

Purchase: Silver Spoon Attire Camo/Cameo Bucket Hat

Rihanna then wore her Wayfarer sunglasses from Ray Ban. You can get this pair in black at the link below, or in an assortment of other colors and patterns (here).

Purchase: Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Rihanna covered up in a camille anorak jacket from the brand, Wanda Nylon. According to Opening Ceremony, the brand uses 90% recycled materials, taking transparent PVC coats and hats from mod to modern. Rihanna’s transparent hooded anorak features a striped trim and side pockets. You can get one for yourself at the price of $385 at the link below.

Purchase: Wanda Nylon Camille Anorak Jacket

Rihanna makes her way to Germany in a Kate Moss tank top. This isn’t the first time she’s sported clothing with Kate featured on it. Last month, she wore a Kate Moss top from Hype Means Nothing (here). Earlier this year in January, she wore a crew-neck that displayed a graphic of Kate as well, (here). Can’t get enough of Rihanna & Kate? Take a look at our fashion recap of their photoshoot together for V Magazine (here).

On her feet, Rihanna wore her Converse High Top Chuck Taylor Sneakers. You can get a pair in the same color as Rihanna, or check out their wide variety of colors and patterns at the link provided below.

Purchase: Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers

Rihanna accessorized with jewelry from Love Muse and Jennifer Fisher today. She wore Jennifer’s $315 Large Snake Cuff w| White CZ Eyes, $4,700 Burnish White Diamond Momma Cuff, and Gold Love Cuff w| White Diamond Gothic Font. She wore Love Muse’s Single Band Tassel Ring.

Melissa revealed her look for Rihanna’s show in Cologne on her Instagram account. In the photo above, she is wearing a t-shirt designed by Ashley Marc Hovelle. Mel was first spotted in AMH on May 17th, (here). This top features Ashley’s initials in an all-over repeat print in black with short sleeves. Her top is unfortunately sold out. Feel free to peruse Ashley’s online store for other pieces at the link below.

Peruse: Ashley Marc Hovelle’s Online Store

• Images via Rihanna Daily | Rihanna-Diva