Rihanna Steps Out in MadeMe and Rag & Bone || July 16th

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Rihanna was spotted leaving her hotel in Manchester today:

Rihanna has safely been stationed in Manchester. Yesterday, she was spotted leaving her hotel in London so that she could head over to Manchester for her scheduled tour date. If you missed what she wore, visit our post (here) to catch up! Today, she was spotted leaving her hotel in for the day in Manchester.

Rihanna started off her look with a black SnapBack. Although, the front of her cap cannot be seen, it’s clear from the signature on the side that was visible, that she is wearing a hat from SSUR. Perhaps she will wear this piece again at a later date, and we will be able to identify which cap she owns.

At any rate, SSUR is a street wear label founded by Ruslan Karablin. The brand name, which is RUSS spelled backwards, gives hints of the artist’s Russian heritage. Inspired by imperial art, Keith Haring and Stussy, Karablin strives to offer deeper concepts and meanings to his clothes instead of merely creating a skin-deep commercial street wear brand. You can see above, just a few of the SSUR Snapbacks up for purchase at Ruslan’s online store. If you would like to see more of what SSUR has to offer, visit his online store linked below.

Purchase: SSUR Empire State Online Store

Rihanna again wore her one-of-a-kind sunglasses from the brand, ZanZan. These cat-eye sunglasses are named after the Voodoo goddess of love, Erzulie. Rihanna’s pair, feature a marbleized black and white print across the frames, with a contrasting tortoise print at the arms. You can get a pair in the two colors you see pictured above at the links below.

Purchase: ZanZan Tortoise Erzulie Sunglasses
Purchase: ZanZan Black Tortoise Erzulie Sunglasses

Today, Rihanna opted for a cropped top from the brand, MadeMe. Rihanna was first spotted in this brand (here), a few months ago after her concert wearing a cat bomber they designed. On this occasion, she went for their “Slutz” top.

Purchase: MadeMe Slutz Cropped Top

Rihanna complimented her MadeMe top with Spring/Summer 2013 Moto Trousers from Rag & Bone. These new season texture-infused trousers are cornflower blue with an oversized silhouette, laced with butter soft black leather accents. The pants also offer a zippered fly and side slit pockets. You can get a pair for €185 (approx. $244 US) at the link below.

Purchase: Rag & Bone Moto Trousers

Rihanna completed this look with her Summer 2013 ‘Rihanna for River Island’ Barely There Stiletto Sandals. These $200 sandals feature a gold tone buckle-fastened ankle strap and 12cm stiletto heel. Rihanna debuted these heels in June (here), in Zurich.

Purchase: Rihanna for RI Barely There Stiletto Sandals

Rihanna accessorized with her Silver & Gold Vintage Gianni Versace Medusa bracelet. Check out more photos of this piece (here). Rihanna also wore her rings and bracelet from the brand, Fallon. These spiked rings from Fallon’s Classique Collection feature gold plated brass and plain plated brass Swarovski crystals. Her bracelet is from Fallon’s CZ Collection. Check out everything she’s worn so far this year from Fallon (here).

Purchase: Classique Spike Ring
Purchase: Classique Microspike Ring

Rihanna also wore her Giant Stud Leather Bracelet from Balenciaga. This leather bracelet features two linear rows of gold-toned studs. You can get one at the link below for £235 (approx. $355 US).

Purchase: Balenciaga Giant Stud Leather Bracelet

Rihanna accessorized with her jewelry from Lynn Ban. Thanks to Lynn Ban revealing this information to us exclusively, we are able to report that she wore a Black Gold & Grey Diamond Pave Cross Chain Bracelet and an 18K Gold Cross Chain Bracelet. Rihanna then wore a custom-made, one of a kind, Black Gold Cross Chain Bracelet.

Purchase: Lynn Ban Black Diamond Cross Chain Bracelet

• Images via Rihanna-Diva

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