★Vintage RiRi: Rihanna's Courtside at the Clippers Game in Chayalan

Chalayan | Levi’s | Christian Louboutin

Rihanna sat court side at the Nuggets vs Clippers game in Los Angeles on February 2nd, 2012:

Rihanna is no stranger to a good basketball game. This year alone, she’s been spotted at a Net’s game (here) , a Laker’s game (here) and a Miami Heats game (here). Today, we will take you back to an outfit she wore at a Clippers game she attended a little over a year ago.

Rihanna opted for an oversized sweater from the brand, Chalayan. This $860.00 ribbed heavyweight wool and cashmere-blend features a curved longer back hem. Rihanna wore a similar, Acne sweater in the “Take Care” video as well. You can watch the video for Drake’s single below.

Rihanna complimented her sweater with ripped Levi’s jeans thigh-high boots from Christian Louboutin. Rihanna’s Sea.nn Girl boots were a favorite of hers in 2012. They feature a calfskin upper with two buckles at the knee and a rounded toe. These boots also feature a cell phone pocket on the outside thigh and three credit card slots on the inside. FYI, Rihanna has a custom-made pair in white that she’s been wearing during her Diamonds World Tour (here).

• Images via Rihanna Diva

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