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Rihanna spends time with her family in Barbados

Rihanna seems to have had a pretty fun-filled day in Barbados yesterday. After taking a drive, Rihanna went sailing on a Catamaran with a few friends — Melissa Sonita and Leandra — just to name a few of her close friends on board. To review what Rihanna and Melissa wore on this outing, visit our previous post (here). After sailing around in Barbados, Rihanna enjoyed time with her family.

While with her family members, Tanella, Nicoletea, and Nikia, Rihanna sported comfortable gear from Hood By Air and Pyrex Vision. Rihanna recently updated her Instagram with a photo she took wearing a Tribal L/S Top from Hood By Air (here). On this occasion, she wore a top from the brand’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection.

Review: Hood By Air’s Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

Rihanna isn’t a stranger to Virgil Abloh’s brand, Pyrex Vision. She’s work quite a few pieces from him this year, all of which you can read up on (here). This time, she lounges comfortably in his Summer White 23 Vision Shorts. These shorts are stylish and made with breathable fabric. You can get a pair for $39.99 at the link below.

Purchase: Pyrex Vision Summer White 23 Vision Shorts

RIHminder: To get a full recap on each outfit Rihanna is wearing during her worldwide tour visit the Rihanna Overdose Diamonds World Tour Fashion Recap (here) to see those looks up close and personal with quotes from the stylists and designers themselves!

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