Rihanna Pays Homage to John Lennon in Eli Reed || August 23rd

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Rihanna was spotted out and about in New York today after visiting the KTZ shop:

Today Rihanna was spotted out and about in New York. Of course, Rihanna keeps her love of fashion alive by rocking the best of the best from the runway collections of several of her favorite designers. Today she visited the fashion house of Kokon To Zai, a brand she has worn on and off stage. But before we get into her look for today, you can catch up on what she wore upon shopping at Intermix (here), and what she wore while attended a Pre-VMA party (here) yesterday.

Rihanna began her look with these Bowie sunglasses from Le Specs Her $59.95 unisex sunglasses feature a black frame with Khaki Mono lenses with a black badge along the temple. You can get a pair at the link below. There are a few other color selections you can choose from as well.

Purchase: Le Specs Bowie Sunglasses

Rihanna then wore a shirt that paid homage to legendary musician, John Lennon. She’s no stranger to tops with Lennon on them, as she uploaded a photo onto her Twitter in 2012 with the same 1974 photo of John in an NYC shirt while getting her knuckles tattooed (here). The top she wore then was from the streetwear brand, Amplified. This time, her top is from Eli Reed. Rihanna’s top retails at $35 and can be purchased at Supreme New York

Rihanna posed with a member of the Kokon to Zai team while visiting their shop in this photo wearing pieces from their Spring/Summer 2014 Men’s Collection. In the photo above, you can spot a similar look in their runway collection. Rihanna also took the stage at Rosklide festival in an outfit from their 2014 collection as well. You can revisit that look (here).

Review: Kokon To Zai’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

In this photo, Rihanna posed in a hat from House of Malakai. Malakai is a self taught, multi disciplinary artist. He has been creating bespoke fashions, jewelry and decor since 1999. He began his career as a performance artist, crafting elaborate, avant guard costuming. Rihanna’s hat is from his HELIOLATRY Collection. Check out all the pieces from this collection below. You can purchase Rihanna’s $300 Hom Spiked Equestrian Hat below as well. This piece adorned in casted Gold-plated spikes, is available in Black or White with Gold or Silver hard-wear.

Review: House of Malakai’s Heliolatry Collection
Purchase: House of Malakai Hom Spiked Equestrian Hat

Rihanna again wore her Nike Air Jordan Retro 93′ Playoff Sneakers (“Black/Black-True Red-Anthracite”) along with a pair of Levi’s cut-off shorts. These sneakers released on June 1st and feature smooth nubuck uppers in black followed up by contrast hits of true red and anthracite. These $130 sneakers also have a detailed inner lining and Air Jordan VII’s signature Chenille tongue patch. Rihanna wore these kicks yesterday as well! Rihanna carried her Python Clutch that was designed by Jacquie Aiche. Contact Jacquie at sales@jacquieaiche.com for more info on how you can get this clutch.

Purchase: Nike Air Jordan Retro 93′ Playoff Sneakers

Rihanna sported a new custom piece from the brand, Kayode Co.. Rihanna’s gold chain features King Tut and Nefertiti charm along the piece. In this photo Rihanna posed with the designer showing off the custom look. Visit their Instagram account for more on their brand (here).

Rihanna wore her custom-made Black Diamond Cross Chain Bracelet from Lynn Ban. She’s been wearing this custom piece everyday for the past few days now. To see more from Lynn Ban that she’s worn this year, visit our posts (here).

• Images via Rihanna-Diva

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