Behnaz Sarafpour | Fendi

Rihanna poses for the November 2006 issue of Teen VOGUE:

Seven years ago, Rihanna posed for her very first Teen VOGUE shoot. She was photographed by Norma Jean Roy. Inside the issue, Rihanna spoke on her personal style, who she’s influenced by, and just how much her Caribbean heritage plays a role in her music. Rihanna’s hair and make up was done by Felix Fischer and Jennifer Hanching.

My personal style is very fun, I like to play around with it… I don’t like to stick to one look in particular –Rihanna

Rihanna posed in a piece from designer, Behnaz Sarafpour. She opted for her $840 silk and wool tuxedo dress. On her feet she wore shoes from Fendi. Check out the video below to hear more from Rihanna herself as she speaks on fashion, and her ideas on how celebrities influence onlookers by what they wear.

I like to create the kind of sounds that you don’t always hear –Rihanna

• Images via Google Images | Ultimate-Rihanna

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