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Rihanna reveals behind the scenes photos from “Pour It Up”: (Updated 10.2.13)

Rihanna is still enjoying the time she has in Australia. Between yesterday and today she’s been sharing lots of photos with us through her Instagram account. Yesterday, we got to see her sandals and another great tee added to her ever growing collection (here). Today, she reveals something we’ve ALL been waiting for… “Pour It Up” music video content! She uploaded several behind the scene photos snapped by her best friend and photographer, Melissa Forde. Let’s get into some of the pieces she’s wearing in them!

In a number of the photos she posted, Rihanna sports a blonde wig and this sexy romper from the brand, Zinke. This $165 “Posey” Silk-Chiffon Romper in Lavender is sheer and features a 7-button closure at the front and adjustable crisscross straps at the back.

Rihanna completed this look with Manolo Blahnik’s White Ankle Strap BB Pumps. Rihanna was last spotted in these pumps during the taping of her interview with Alan Carr (here). If you didn’t catch the interview or performance of “What Now” from the show, check it out in HD (here). The interview is very funny and her performance was amazing!

Of course no look is complete without Rihanna’s favorites in the jewelry department — Lynn Ban. We have the exclusive on the pieces she wore in these photos for you courtesy of Lynn. The first piece we will discuss is the one that stood out the most… her bib necklace! This Vintage 1960’s Aquamarine, Tourmaline and White Topaz Bib Necklace is definitely super eye catching against her lavender romper.

The next piece, is Lynn Ban’s Vintage 1950’s French paste necklace. Rihanna has become notorious for wearing lightweight pieces such as this, during her performances. They enable her to move about freely and still remain fashion forward accessory-wise. Check out other pieces she’s worn during her Diamonds World Tour (here).

The last of her pieces adorned at her neck, is yet another vintage item from Lynn Ban. She’s wearing Lynn’s Vintage 1950’s Pearl and Rhinestone Choker.

Rihanna also wore a couple of Lynn Ban rings that we can spot in one of her BTS photos. The first is her Gold and Tourmaline Cabochon Ring from Lynn’s archive that she’s been sporting off and on for the last few weeks. The second, is Lynn’s Triangular Diamond Cross Ring that features an almost shield-resembling design with a diamond cross atop its surface. She was first spotted wearing this ring while in Hong Kong at an event promoting her RiRi Hearts MAC Fall 2013 Collection (here).

Rihanna took to her Instagram yet again on September 30th, to reveal a few more photos from behind the scenes of this video. In this photo, Rihanna lays in the midst of money printed with her face on it. On the floor above her, are a pair of exotic heels from the brand, Pleaser. These 7 inch heels feature a 2 1/2 inch platform, and plenty of Benjamins– the 100 dollar bills motif print is arrayed on the platform and heel. You can get a pair for $62 at the link below.

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Rihanna also uploaded a photo in this attention-grabbing piece. Rihanna’s Mesh Catsuit was designed by stylist and frequent collaborator, Adam Selman. Since her suit was custom-made, she is the only one with it!

In this next behind the scenes photo, Rihanna is wearing a pair of earrings that made frequent appearances in the video for “Pour It Up”. These Vintage Gianni Versace Medusa Dangling Earrings from Depuis 1924.

Throughout the video, and in the behind the scenes photos Rihanna uploaded onto her Instagram on the 30th, she wore this $1,200.00 pair of brown and gold sunglasses designed by Versace from Depuis 1924.

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However, Rihanna’s Versace sunglasses and earrings were not the only vintage accessories worn in this video. Here, we have a scene from the video where Rihanna sports these $1,600.00 Large Vintage Chanel CC Dangling Earrings.

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Keeping the Chanel goodies coming, Rihanna also wore Depuis 1924’s Massive Black & Gold 4 Row Necklace. This piece is from the 1990’s.

This post will be updated with even more exclusives on her jewelry and outfits in the days to come! Check out one of the stripper’s audition tapes for the video (here).

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