Diamonds World Tour

Rihanna tours around the globe in honor of her Diamonds World Tour: (Updated 10.29.13)

Rihanna brought the first concert of her highly-anticipated “Diamonds” World Tour to the city of Buffalo, NY on March 8th. Throughout this year, Rihanna has been touring across not only this country, but several others, performing sold out show after sold out show. In this post, we will be keeping you updated on each and every outfit she wears during this tour.

During the month of July, Rihanna performed at quite a few festivals as part of her Diamonds World Tour. Click around below to get the details on each new look at those events:

Roskilde Festival
Open’er Festival
Sporting Monte-Carlo Festival: Day I
Sporting Monte-Carlo Festival: Day II
T in the Park Festival
Bergenhus Festning
Wireless Festival

Adam Selman | Manolo Blahnik

Rihanna performed in Puerto Rico on October 29th. For this particular show, she wore more custom designs from the talented, Adam Selman. What’s so unique about this new look, is that it’s actually a darker take on one of the previous looks from the tour! If you scroll down through this post you’ll be able to revisit her initial leather and mesh costume for Act II that was red, yellow and white. This all-black leather and mesh spin on the look definitely compliments her gothic fashion choices as of late. Rihanna completed her outfit with black booties from Manolo Blahnik.

Jeremy Scott | Adidas Originals | Raf Simons | Lynn Ban

Rihanna performed in the Dominican Republic on Saturday, October 26th. For this show Rihanna again wore pieces from renowned designer, Jeremy Scott, for his Spring/Summer 2014 Collection with Adidas Originals. Rihanna performed in South Africa on the 16th wearing an animal print look from his Spring 2014 Collection. On this occasion, she opted for a floral jersey with matching shorts that featured the number “32” in animal print along with detailing along the sides of the shorts featuring this same print. Jeremy himself was spotted wearing this same jersey along side Paris and Nicole Hilton in September of this year.

In addition to her jersey and shorts, Rihanna wore a bomber jacket during the opening of the show that featured the same print from Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. She again wore the Raf Simons Leather Velcro High Top Sneakers she wore on the 16th in South Africa. Lynn Ban cross chain bracelets and coil rings completed her look. Scroll down below to take a look at them.

Kokon To Zai | Adam Selman | Manolo Blahnik | Lynn Ban

Rihanna performed in Tel Aviv on October 22nd as part of her tour. During this performance, her stylist Mel Ottenberg went for pieces from Kokon to Zai once more! Rihanna wore their Spring/Summer 2014 Womenswear Spiked headband with metal beads along with a very statement making skirt that features pleats and a apron. You can scroll through this post to see her in more from this same collection below. Rihanna performed in Tel Aviv before during her infamous Rated R Era. You can review all of her major looks from our extensive recap (here). Rihanna completed this look with custom pieces from designer, Adam Selman and shoes from Manolo Blahnik.

Review: Kokon to Zai Spring 2014 Collection

Rihanna accessorized with rings from Lynn Ban, two of which, we discussed during her performance in Macau, China below. Those two, were her Lynn Ban Silver Coil ring and Diamond Coil ring. However, she wore one during her show in Tel Aviv we haven’t discussed, this Black Rhodium Alien Skull Ring. During her performance in South Africa she sported a very similar skull ring, the difference being that it was made of Black Diamond. Scroll down below to see that one.

Kokon To Zai | Wolford | Comme des Garçons | Versace | Lynn Ban

Rihanna brought her tour to Abu Dhabi on October 19th. Rihanna put on a stunning show a few years ago in this same area on New Years’ Eve. To get the details on her look on that memorable occasion –in addition to several others– you can visit our extensive Rated R Fashion Recap (here). For this concert, Rihanna wore an all white ensemble that covered her from head to toe in a turban with a long veil, an oversized bomber jacket, and top featuring the “yin and yang” symbol along with jogging pants (complete with an apron) from Kokon to Zai.

KTZ has been an integral part of this tour. She’s worn pieces from both their menswear and womenswear collections during three of her previous shows — in Macau China, at Roskilde Festival, and in South Africa — tonight marking the fourth look. You can scroll through this post to see her other looks from KTZ and visit our festival recap posts as well.

Review: Kokon To Zai’s Spring 2014 Menswear Collection

Under her KTZ attire, Rihanna wore a Jamaika String Bodysuit designed by Wolford. This seamless bodysuit creates a smooth silhouette—, featuring a feminine neckline and slight sheen with a scoop neckline and shoulder straps. Rihanna completed this look with the same White Comme des Garçons Platform High Top Sneakers that she’s sported in a few of her other shows during this tour below.

Purchase: Wolford Jamaika String Bodysuit

Rihanna accessorized with Lynn Ban jewelry and this $1,400 Gianni Versace Silver Massive Medusa Bracelet from Depuis 1924. As the name suggests, this vintage 1990’s silver toned medallion bracelet features massive iconic Medusa motifs throughout.

Jeremy Scott | Lynn Ban | Raf Simons

On October 16th, Rihanna performed for the second time in South Africa. This time however, she performed in Cape Town, whereas on the 13th she performed in Johannesburg. Rihanna and her stylist, Mel Ottenberg went with another favorite for this show — Jeremy Scott. Jeremy loves to work with fantastically bold prints and patterns when it comes to his collections and for Spring 2014 — there was no exception! Rihanna pulled from the animal print pieces from this collection, that included a pair of washed silk jumpshorts and the MA1 bomber jacket you see pictured above from the runway show.

Review: Jeremy Scott’s Spring 2014 Ready to Wear Collection

Rihanna also wore the necklace you see pictured above. This beautiful Custom Jet Cross Necklace is from Lynn Ban — the photo of which was exclusively provided for Rihanna Overdose! In addition, Rihanna again wore her assortment of Lynn Ban bracelets and rings, that you can take a look at below, since she wore them previously during this tour.

Rihanna finished this look with a pair of sneakers from Raf Simons. These $610.00 Black High-Top Leather Sneakers feature a round toe, velcro closures and Raf’s logo stamp at the upper velcro strap. Rihanna also wore sneakers from Raf Simons during A$AP Rocky’s video for “Fashion Killa”. You can get the details on everything she wore in that video (here), courtesy of our fashion recap.Check out footage of Rihanna performing (here) in Cape Town.

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Kokon to Zai | Manolo Blahnik | Lynn Ban

Rihanna performed in South Africa on October 13th wearing yet another new look. She took the stage in another complete look from Kokon to Zai. Rihanna performed in China weeks ago wearing a look from the brand’s 2014 Menswear Collection. This time, she pulls from KTZ’s Spring 2014 Women’s Collection, sporting a spiked hat, bomber jacket and matching trousers! Check out more from their runway show below.

In this photo, uploaded by Rihanna on her Instagram account from the concert, she wore an oversized bomber jacket that was also featured on KTZ’s Spring 2014 Runway. In the photo from the runway show on the right you can take a look at not only the jacket, but the visor she wore throughout the show as well. During this performance she wore Manolo Blahnik Shoes.

Review: Kokon to Zai Spring 2014 Collection

As with all of her tour outfits, Rihanna complimented her look with lots of pieces from Lynn Ban. The first of which, is this Custom-Made Silver Cross Choker. This piece goes right along with the gothic style she has been rocking as of late.

Next up, we have Rihanna’s earrings. She wore Lynn Ban’s Diamond Cross Stud Earrings. If you scroll down further, you can take a look at another pair of studs she wore from Lynn during a previous performance.

Rihanna wore an assortment of bracelets from Lynn Ban as well. She wore two bracelets that were custom made for her by Lynn. Those are her, Black Gold Cross Chain Bracelet and her White Gold & Pave Diamond Cross Chain Bracelet. Rihanna then wore her smaller Black Gold & Grey Diamond Pave Cross Chain Bracelet.

Lastly, here are Rihanna’s rings. Rihanna and her stylist, Mel Ottenberg opted for Lynn Ban’s Black Diamond Skull Ring, a Black Diamond Cross Ring, and her Black Diamond and Black Rhodium Coil Rings.

Raf Simons | Comme des Garçons | Lynn Ban

On September 22nd, Rihanna performed at the 2013 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix. For this performance, Rihanna began her look with the Vintage Depuis 1924 sunglasses she wore during her last performance, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. Rihanna then opted for a complete look from a designer she has worn already during this tour, Raf Simons. If you read on below, you will see Rihanna in his custom “Sea of Desire” print. This time, she went with a look straight from the runway of his Spring 2014 Menswear Collection!

For this collection, Raf Simons offered a number of multicolored cotton shirts or long sleeveless tops featuring various graphic elements. As you see pictured above, Rihanna also wore a sleeveless button down top during parts of her performance from this same collection. Some of the artwork resembled a consumer product label and included the name Super Nylon. Another long shirt, in a green lattice pattern, had a black panel across the chest; on the panel were the words: Clusters, Artificially Flavored and, Super Nylon. Still other shirts had a printed panel containing standard manufacturing ingredients such as corn syrup, emulsifiers and other random images like champion divers and exaggerated teardrops. Check out the entire collection below.

Review: Raf Simons Spring 2014 Collection

On stage, Rihanna performed in a number of pieces from Lynn Ban that we have EXCLUSIVE details on. Some of these she has worn before. Here above, we have two of Rihanna’s bracelets. She wore Lynn’s Archive Gold and Diamond Bracelet along with her Archive Ruby and Gold Bracelet.

Next, we have a few familiar pieces. Pictured on the left, is Lynn Ban’s Gold, Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet. Rihanna spotted wearing this bracelet while greeting fans (here) on the 19th. On the right, is Rihanna’s Black Gold Cross Chain Bracelet. Rihanna has worn this piece on quite a few occasions. It was custom-made for her, so it is one of a kind.

Lastly, we will discuss her rings. She again wore her Gold and Tourmaline Cabochon Ring and her 18K Gold & Diamond Crystal Ball Ring from Lynn Ban that she wore during her performance in Manila below. In addition, she added a new piece — Lynn’s Gold, Diamond and Topaz Ring from her archives.

Rihanna completed her look with her Comme des Garçons Platform High Tops in White. You can see them in greater detail below, as she wore them in her last performance in Manila.

Asger Juel Larsen | Comme des Garçons | Lynn Ban

During her Manila performance Rihanna wore a complete look from Asger Juel Larsen. This look consists of a neoprene headband, jacket, bodysuit and shorts. The bodysuit has a few cut out panels in the back that really gave her look a feminine edge.

Asger’s runway show for their Spring/Summer 2014 Collection moved seamlessly from the oversized white ensembles to mixed patterns and clashing textures to the super androgynous, athletic-inspired designs that are having a major moment in fashion as of late. Adding the touch of the brightly colored flannel brings the show into a street-grunge, urban vibe. With the oversized jackets, neoprene hoods and chic boxing shorts, this collection appeals to a wide variety of consumers.

Review: Asger Juel Larsen’s Spring/Summer 2014

In addition to her white ensemble, we can’t forget about accessories. During her performance, Rihanna sported this pair of vintage sunglasses. Thanks to Depuis 1924, we are able to reveal an EXCLUSIVE look at these Jean Paul Gaultier 56-5203 Sunglasses!

Rihanna completed her look with what seems to be more from Comme des Garçons. If you scroll down below you can see a pair she performed in that were black while touring in China. For this performance, she seems to have wore a $700 pair of these Comme des Garçons Platform High Tops in White. This smooth leather high top sneaker is detailed with silver-tone eyelets, a self pull tab at ankle and tonal micro rubber platform.

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By way of jewelry. Rihanna’s stylist Mel Ottenberg, called upon his favorites: Lynn Ban. For this performance, Rihanna wore this beautifully set Gold Chain Choker from Lynn.

Next, let’s take a look at a few of her rings. On the left, Rihanna wore a piece from Lynn Ban’s Archive. This is a Gold and Tourmaline Cabochon Ring. Pictured on the right, Rihanna wore Lynn’s 18K Gold & Diamond Crystal Ball Ring.

Kokon to Zai | Atsuko Kudo | Comme des Garçons | Lynn Ban

Rihanna performed for the second day in a row in Macau, China on September 14th. In true Rihanna fashion, she dazzled in yet another new stage outfit. Thanks to Rihanna’s stylist, Mel Ottenberg we have the details on her costume ready for you exclusively. So let’s get into this look.

Rihanna took the stage in an orange-hued look from Kokon to Zai’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection. This look came complete with a turban and scarf covering, drop crotch sweatpants and several different tops. If you take a look at the model’s outfit on the right, you can see Rihanna’s complete look in all it’s glory.

Review: Kokon to Zai Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Rihanna complimented this look from KTZ with Atsuko Kudo’s Latex 50’s Cup Bra. This adjustable bra features shoulder straps with statement steel rings and a snap button closure. The vintage inspired design taken from 1950’s full coverage cup design. You can get this bra in the similar style (pictured above) , for $289 at the link below.

Purchase: Atsuko Kudo Latex 50’s Cup Bra

Rihanna completed her look with sneakers from Comme des Garçons. Her $700 smooth leather high top sneaker feature silver-tone eyelets, a self pull tab at the ankle and tonal micro rubber platforms. She accessorized with Lynn Ban jewelry — all of which we will reveal to you EXCLUSIVELY as soon as higher quality photos release from the concert.

Purchase: Black Comme des Garçon Platform High Top Sneakers

Juun J | Lynn Ban | Balenciaga

On September 13th 2013, after a small break from her tour, Rihanna set the stage ablaze in Macau, China performing all of her smash hits. During this show of her tour she debuted a new outfit! Here’s a look at what she wore!

This look is from Juun J’s Spring 2014 Collection. Juun J unveiled his Spring/Summer 2014 collection during Paris Fashion Week, featuring oversized football jerseys, photo printed graphic tees and high waisted shorts. Rihanna took the stage in the look pictured on the left. A similar look in plain white is featured on the right. Check out his complete collection at the link below!

Review: Juun J’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Rihanna also wore two different types of shoes during her performance. One of which were these sneakers from Balenciaga. These $635 Marbled Multimatieres High Tops are detailed with an allover marble-effect and a smooth leather overlay at the toe. The colorway Rihanna wore them in is Blanc White/Gris Grey/Noir Black. Of course, during this performance jewelry was definitely NOT in short supply. We have the EXCLUSIVE look at each of the pieces Rihanna wore from Lynn Ban.

Purchase: Balenciaga Multimatieres High Top Sneakers

On her wrist, Rihanna wore a fair amount of bracelets from Lynn Ban. One of which, that stood out the most for me, is her cross bracelet. This Large Brushed Silver Cross Bracelet is super sturdy and worked well for Rihanna’s show in that she could move freely without it falling off or being overly heavy. She also wore two Silver Chain Bracelets.

These Silver Chain Bracelets were custom-made for this tour! Rihanna’s stylist, Mel Ottenberg, asked Lynn Ban to hollow the insides of these pieces, as the cross chain bracelets become too heavy for her to perform in when she piles them on.

Rihanna of course, had on lots of rings from Lynn Ban as well! On the same hand as her bracelets, she wore Lynn’s White Diamond Armoured Ring along with her Silver & White Diamond Coil Rings.
Finally, we have Rihanna’s earrings. Of course, you don’t have to look far, because these are also from Lynn Ban. She wore Lynn’s Triangular Stud Earrings.

Versace | Miu Miu | Balmain | Azzedine Alaïa
Gianvito Rossi | Lanvin

Rihanna put on a great show in Morocco, Africa in honor of their annual “Mawazine” Festival as a part of her Diamonds World Tour on May 24th as the European leg kick off show. She wore an all-black ensemble that consisted of black Azzedine Alaïa leggings and a black Balmain cropped top.

Rihanna’s black top was a feature in Balmain’s Spring 2013 Ready to Wear Collection. She previously wore Balmain’s SS2013 Collection during a December performance last year on the German TV show “Wetten… Dass?” (here).

Review: Balmain’s Spring 2013 Collection

Rihanna began her look in what may be a very familiar pair of Versace sunglasses to you. She wore a very similar pair of these vintage sunglasses during a few of her Diamonds World Tour shows during the US leg. However, these in particular, have a slightly different frame. You can see them in even more detail at Depuis 1924 at the link below.

Purchase: Gianni Versace Model 414/B Col 924 Sunglasses

Rihanna covered up her all black attire in an oversized white “lab coat” from Miu Miu’s Spring 2013 Collection. This isn’t the first time she’s been spotted in Miu Miu’s Spring outerwear. After a photoshoot, she returned to her hotel (here), wearing a denim overcoat from this same collection.

Review: Miu Miu’s Spring 2013 Collection

Rihanna accessorized with Lanvin’s crystal jewelry. You may recognize a few of these pieces from the US leg of her Diamond’s World Tour as well (you can see them once more, further down in this post). She here again wears her Dedale Crystal Jewel Belt ($2,518) and Large Crystal Link Cuff ($2,190). She also sports a piece she didn’t wear during the US tour, a $3,190 Dedale Crystal Choker Necklace.

Rihanna rounded off her Mawazine look, with a pair of knee-high Gianvito Rossi leather boots. These black leather knee-high boots feature a pointed toe, a cut-out detail with a buckle fastening panel to the top and a leather stiletto heel. These stiletto boots retail at $1,373.69.

Purchase: Gianvito Rossi Knee High Stiletto Boots

Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy

Riccardo Tisci (Creative Director for Givenchy) designed an embroidered parka, white leather bra, sheer long-sleeved shirt, gold necklace, and silk satin mini shorts (pictured above) for Rihanna. According to VOGUE UK, his designs for Rihanna give a hint of the “strong sensual iconography” seen at the Givenchy Menswear Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection. In his interview with, Mel praises the amount of work put into this look from Tisci. He says, “Riccardo blew it out of the park. Givenchy went above and beyond with the level of customization, and dealing with all the pop-world craziness.” The entire wardrobe had to be put together in the middle of fashion week!

The costumes mix haute couture techniques with the designer’s “obsession” for heavy sportswear and streetwear elements. The opening outfit (pictured below) consists of a “dark and romantic” black floor-length ruffled silk-crepe cape and black nappa thigh-high boots. In more recent photos added in above, from her concert in Toronto, Canada on March 18th, you can see Riccardo’s embroidered parka made especially for Rihanna in all it’s glory. View this look on Instagram (here).

I enjoyed making these looks, Rihanna represents what young and amazing means today. She is punk and talented. She offers intelligence, energy and pure beauty. Rihanna has what every girl inspires to have, She is the face of her generation –Riccardo Tisci

To find out more on Givenchy’s role in the Diamond’s World Tour, visit our post (here).

Review: Givenchy’s Menswear Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

During her final show of the European leg of her tour in Helsinki Finland, Rihanna debuted a new look! Of course she didn’t stray far from the common thread in this tour, Givenchy. For this new costume, she wore more custom designs from creative director, Riccardo Tisci. Her outfit consisted of a black sheer top with stars accented at the sleeves along with thigh-high nappa leather boots. These custom-made boots are very similar to the pair she wore with her other Givenchy look, with the exception that these feature white laces at the shaft.

Adam Selman | Manolo Blahnik

For this particular look above, Adam Selman puts his skills to work, creating for Rihanna another amazing custom design. He designed her leather bustier as well as her leather pants. On her feet, she wore custom-made snakeskin boots designed by Manolo Blahnik. For this rock ‘n’ roll section, Mel Ottenberg describes it as: “eighties David Lee Roth bouncing around on stage mixed with a sleek Lamborghini/Ferrari situation”. View this look on Instagram (here).

Our working relationship is seamless, I am so particular and hands on with everything I do, and that can be difficult, but with Adam, it never is. Oftentimes, I describe what I’m thinking for my show or my collection, and his execution is exactly what I wanted –Rihanna

Raf Simons | Eres | Wolford | JPG | Christian Louboutin

In this outfit, Rihanna wears a “Sea of Desire” see-through dress designed by Raf Simons. The original ‘Raf Simons 1995’ line was inspired by Ed Ruscha’s ‘Sea of Desire’ paintings. The designer has come up with not only t-shirts, but also crew necks, bags, and hoodies displaying this same design. Raf put together a custom font and design that Rihanna wore for the tour. The website Oki-Ni carried a few of the above mentioned items, but as of late have sold out!

Under her sheer dress, Rihanna wore an Eres bra coupled with shorts from Wolford. Rihanna’s accessories consisted of a necklace that was custom-made by Michael Schmidt and Jean Paul Gaultier shades from Depuis 1924. She completed her look with custom-made Sea.nn Girl white over-the-knee boots from Christian Louboutin. View this look on Instagram (here).

A better view of Rihanna’s Jean Paul Gaultier Sunglasses:

During the Philly show, we were able to get an even better look at the sunglasses that Rihanna wore. These chic rounded pair of Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses are to die for! It’s currently not in stock unfortunately but the link below from Depuis 1924’s site will be useful in checking to see if it ever becomes available.

Purchase: Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier Sunglasses

On April 8th, Rihanna brought her tour to Los Angeles! During this show, Rihanna didn’t wear her Jean Paul Gaultier Sunglasses. THIS time, she revealed a very rare pair of Gianni Versace sunglasses!

A better view of Rihanna’s Gianni Versace Sunglasses:

As were the previous pair, Rihanna’s sunglasses were provided by Depuis 1924. These Italian-made sunglasses are actually available for purchase right now! For $600, you can buy this pair of vintage frames from Depuis 1924’s online store at the link below.

Purchase: Gianni Versace Model 424/B Col 924 Sunglasses

Adam Selman | Manolo Blahnik | Lynn Ban

Here, Rihanna wore a red custom-made jersey top and skirt designed by Adam Selman. You may remember that Rihanna wore this same outfit before, in white after the Grammy’s at Mozza & Supperclub. To review that look & several others from Grammy night, take a look at our detailed fashion recap (here). She complimented this look with red ankle strap pumps designed by Manolo Blahnik. View this look on Instagram (here).

With Rihanna, I’ve been trying to keep things simple and clean and let her shine. She is such a presence that she doesn’t need to wear loud clothes or costumes right now, she really can throw on a rag and make it look glamorous –Adam Selman

Rihanna debuted an added accessory in Philadelphia. For this concert she incorporated a beautiful French paste necklace from Lynn Ban, courtesy of her stylist Mel Ottenberg. This necklace is a vintage piece from Lynn’s archive — a 1960’s Christian Dior rhinestone bib necklace that Adam and Mel really loved and chose for his outfit.

Adam Selman | Pierre Hardy | Versace | Lynn Ban

Here, ‘all we see is signs’ as Rihanna delves into Act IV of her concert, wearing a hologram dollar bill mini-dress, with matching sneakers that were designed by Pierre Hardy. Her stylist, Adam Selman uploaded a photo of the custom-made fabric he used for this look on his Instagram (here). This sparking iridescent outfit seems to be a favorite look amongst her fan base, receiving rave reviews on all social forums.

During her concert in Philadelphia last night, Rihanna revealed another piece of her iridescent outfit. Working with the same dollar-bill fabric from Adam Selman, she emerged wearing a four-pocket hologram long-sleeved jacket that covered her matching mini-dress.

The most amazing thing about Rihanna is what a chameleon she is. She’s always up for something new. She’s fearless, she knows what she likes, and it’s fun to see which ideas she’ll jump for. – Mel Ottenberg

In addition, she added jewelry to this look that wasn’t displayed in her previous concert in Buffalo. Rihanna wore a Swarovski crystal bracelet designed by Lynn Ban to complete her outfit. Mel also told that this look actually began with a pair of Pierre Hardy sneakers made just for the tour. He went on to say: “The whole thing is very Thug Life Tupac mixed with nineties candy raver”.

Upon giving us the exclusive on the jewelry Rihanna wore for this tour, it was revealed that this crystal bracelet has a story behind it! They tried many different bracelets of Lynn’s for this iridescent dollar bill outfit, but the problem was, Rihanna felt they would fly off when she was dancing and that the clasps were too complicated when she had such a quick change. So, Lynn designed this bracelet with a strong velcro closure for her — and she loved it! This piece definitely withstood all of Rihanna’s onstage activities and made for an attractive accessory to Adam’s ingenious designs!

A better view of Rihanna’s Versace Sunglasses: