RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday Collection


Rihanna is preparing to release her Holiday Collection with MAC Cosmetics:


Rihanna is ready to unleash a new collection of cosmetics for the holiday season with MAC Cosmetics. Rihanna’s previous Fall 2013 Collection was such a huge hit that it sold out within MINUTES of its release. Taking to her Instagram account, Rihanna revealed a brand new promotional photo for the “RiRi Hearts MAC” Holiday Collection. The photoshoot took place during the month of May. Perhaps you recall Rihanna being spotted in a blonde wig (here) when heading back to her hotel afterwards.



Of course, you all are no doubt eager to see and hear more regarding this Holiday line of cosmetics, and today we have info on what will be in the collection along with the prices. As with Rihanna’s previous Fall line, we WILL be keeping you abreast to all of the details up until its release that is slated for: December 12th 2013!

Lipstick: $16.50
– RiRi Woo (Retro Matte) Cool Red
– Limited Edition Bad Girl RiRi (Retro Matte) Taupy Nude
– Limited Edition Pleasure Bomb (Retro Matte) Fuchsia

Veluxe Pearl Fusion Shadow: $44.00

Limited Edition 2X Dare (Veluxe Pearlfushion Shadow)
– White Silver (Frost)
– Deep Grey Blue (Frost)
– Mid-Tone Beigey Grey (Frost)
– Deep Cement with Pearlized Pigments (Frost)
– Light Crystal Mauve (Frost)

Limited Edition Phresh Out (Veluxe Pearlfushion Shadow)
– Soft Champaige (Frost)
– Peachy Gold with Pearlized Pigments (Frost)
– Blackened Plum (Frost)
– Soft Pink with Pearlized Pigments (Frost)
– Mid-Tone Violet Mauve (Frost)

Superslick Liquid Eyeliner: $20.50

– Pisces Persuasion Limited Edition Shimmer White
– Cockiness Limited Edition Shimmer Rose Gold

Bronzing Powder: $30.00

– Love, Rihanna Limited Edition Solf Gold-Brown with Overspray of Pearlized Gold Pigments

• Limited Edition Nail Lacquer
: $17.50
– RiRi Woo

Limited Edition Double Ended Eye Brush: $35.00
– 217
– 239

Limited Edition Makeup Bag: $40.00
– Pink Metallic Quilted Makeup Bag

Click the images below to see more new promotional photos for this cosmetics line:

Check out this newspaper clipping with a few more details on the Holiday Collection, with quotes from Rihanna’s Creative Director Ciarra Pardo (here) and all of the pieces from the collection below:

RiRi Woo Retro Matte (Cool Red) ($16.50)

Bad Girl RiRi (Retro Matte) ($16.50)

Pleasure Bomb (Retro Matte) ($16.50)

2x Dare Veluxe Pearl Fusion Shadow ($44.00)

Phresh Out Veluxe Pearl Fusion Shadow ($44.00)

Pisces Persuasion Superslick Liquid Eyeliner ($20.50)

Cockiness Superslick Liquid Eyeliner ($20.50)

Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder ($30.00)

RiRi Woo Nail Lacquer ($17.50)

Double Ended Eye Brush ($35.00)

Pink Metalic Quilted Makeup Bag ($40.00)

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