★Vintage RiRi: Rihanna Says "Make Love Not War" in Soho

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Rihanna was spotted out and about in Soho on June 23rd, 2007:

Rihanna has always fancied the sights and sounds of New York. On a summer day six years ago, Rihanna was spotted out and about in Soho. While making her way through the busy area, Rihanna carried along a small bag from Betsey Johnson. In recent years, they have closed the doors on all four stores that were located in New York City. At any rate, in this week’s installment of Vintage RiRi, we will discuss a few of the pieces Rihanna wore on this occasion.

Rihanna began her look with this pair of “Evidence” sunnies designed by Louis Vuitton. These sunglasses are sculpted from the classic aviator style with a more modern and exquisite look, in addition to its 100% UV ray protection. The model Rihanna wore is currently available in two different colorway combinations: Black/Gold and White/Gold — for $730.00 each.

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Rihanna then wore a black statement tee with the slogan, “Make Love Not War” printed on the front in hot pink. This tee is from the brand, Lollipop. Although, this short sleeved crew neck tee isn’t available for purchase anywhere online today, it definitely made Rihanna’s look stand out back then.

Rihanna then opted for a pair of baggy jeans from the brand Proportion of Blu. These cotton stretch Uno Skinny Jeans have five pockets and also feature a zippered fly with belt loops. If you would like a pair, you can add your entry into the wait list at the link below, since they are currently sold out.

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Under her jeans she sported a pair of underwear from Dolce & Gabbana. These briefs were a part of the brands “Very Cherry” collection, and as the name suggests featured an all over cherry print. Along the waistband is the phrase “I ❤ D&G”. Although her briefs aren’t available online anymore, you can purchase the triangle bra that features this same print (here). If you are an eBay shopper, you can purchase the similar pair of black briefs (pictured above) at the link below.

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