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Rihanna unveils the cover art for her guest collaboration on Shakira’s new single:

Today, Rihanna and Shakira both revealed the cover for their new track together entitled, “Can’t Remember to Forget You”. The single will make its debut on January 13th! The cover for this single was shot by photographers Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold. Interestingly, Shakira was styled by Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haan ; stylists who had a major hand in a lot of Rihanna’s looks in the past. You can check out a number of outfits they helped put together (here) in our extensive, Rated R Era Fashion Recap. Let’s discuss what Rihanna wore on the cover.

Rihanna was styled by Mel Ottenberg in a swimsuit designed by Norma Kamali. This Mio Strapless Corset One-Piece Swimsuit is strapless with a sweetheart neckline and soft, padded underwire cups. If you like her swimsuit, you can get it for $380.00 at the link below.

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Rihanna finished her look with Manolo Blahnik Laramod sandals. These 105mm sandals feature an open toe with a toe band, and suede-covered stiletto heel. The shoe also offers laces and silver tone grommets, with ties at ankle.

Purchase: Manolo Blahnik Laramod Sandal

Rihanna accessorized with jewelry from Lynn Ban’s archive. Thanks to Lynn, we have the details on each piece she wore exclusively! Pictured above, are the jewels she wore on her right arm which included: a 1960’s Gold, Diamond, Turquoise and Enamel bracelet, a 1960’s Gold, Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire bracelet
and finally, a 1960’s Gold, Diamond and Jade bracelet.

On her left arm, Rihanna wore Lynn Ban’s archive 1960’s Gold, Diamond, Turquoise and Garnet Bracelet, a 1960’s Gold, Diamond, Pearl and Enamel bracelet, a 1970’s Gold, Diamond and Sapphire bracelet, a 1970’s Gold, Diamond and Ruby bracelet and she also sported a 1960’s Gold, Diamond, Tourmaline bracelet.

Finally we have the rings that Rihanna wore on her right hand. These too were from Lynn Ban’s archive. She wore a 1960’s Gold, Diamond and Turquoise ring, a 1960’s Gold, Diamond and Coral ring and last but not least, a
1960’s Gold and Diamond Ring.

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