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Rihanna poses backstage with Olivier Rousteing at Balmain’s Fall 2014 Show today:

Rihanna is taking Paris Fashion Week by storm today! Earlier, she was spotted backstage at Balmain’s Fall 2014 Runway Show with Creative Director, Olivier Rousteing (here). You can visit the aforementioned post for the details on her outfit. Rihanna has now been seen in attendance at the Lanvin Fall 2014 Runway Show! Let’s talk fashion!

It comes as no surprise that Rihanna exchanged her Balmain look for one that better suited the occasion — LANVIN. Rihanna is decked out in pieces from Lanvin’s Pre-Fall 2014 Collection. Her outfit was a head to toe pull from the runway, consisting of a fedora, top and trousers, along with a nice pair of oxfords. Her ‘top’ is actually a jersey coat bonded with an outer layer of mohair. Super cute! You can review the rest of this collection below.

Review: Lanvin’s Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

Rihanna complimented this look with several of Lizzie Mandler’s stackable rings. Here’s the rundown on them. Rihanna’s $11,500 ‘The’ Ring featured 10 classic, hand hammered stackable bands covered with pave’d white diamonds and black diamonds held together by a bar of contrasting black and white diamonds for a total of 416 diamonds. Rihanna also wore her $2,100.00 ’10 Day Ring’, which is 10 classic, hand-hammered stackable bands held together by a delicate bar of diamonds. She next wore a few sets of Lizzie’s $1,450.00 ‘7 Day’ Rings in 14k gold, white gold and rose gold. Spotted on a number of her fingers, were Lizzie’s $1,600.00 Baguette Knife Edge Bands. She wore these vintage inspired knife edge stacking rings in white diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald.

Rihanna also stacked two different versions of Lizzie’s Othello Rings — a smaller $1,150.00 ‘Othello’ Ring, and the larger $2,000.00 ‘Othello’ Knife Edge Band. Rihanna also wore her $530.00 ‘Knife Edge’ Band, a $345.00 Black Diamond ‘Princess Cut’ Ring, $1,945.00 ‘His Cigar’ Band and a $4,325.00 ‘Pave Cigar’ Band. Lastly, she mixed and matched with Lizzie Mandler’s $805.00 ‘Pave Stackable’ and $195.00 ‘Classic Stackable’ Rings. It’s estimated that Rihanna wore over 35 of these rings tonight, bringing her total to well over $70,000 worth of merchandise! You can take a look at the rest of the ring collection that we didn’t list in this post (here).

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