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Rihanna attends Stella McCartney’s Fashion Show today in Paris:

Paris Fashion Week is still pushing full steam ahead as the week continues. In case you’re just tuning in with us here on Rihanna Overdose, here’s what happened last week. On Thursday, Rihanna stepped backstage at Balmain’s Fall 2014 Runway Show and later attended Lanvin’s Fall 2014 Runway Show. Friday, she was spotted heading to Christian Dior’s Fall 2014 Presentation. Saturday, Rihanna sported even more fashion forward looks as she graced the Fall 2014 Runway Shows of both Jean-Paul Gaultier and Comme des Garçons’. This week, Rihanna attended Givenchy’s Fall 2014 Show. Rihanna’s been pretty busy this week as you can see! Read up on all of the outfits she’s worn to these runway shows and the events in between (here). Today, she attended Stella McCartney’s show.

Rihanna has been a close friend of Stella McCartney over the years. In addition, she’s worn so many of her pieces from evening gowns to blazer sets. You can take a look at everything she’s worn both this year and last year from Stella, (here). Rihanna attended Stella’s fashion show today wearing what we’re sure are a lot of the in-store only goodies she picked up at Stella McCartney’s shop in Paris after the Christian Dior Runway Show. She stepped out in a green hooded coat paired with orange Oversized Cat-Eye Sunglasses. Rihanna also wore the same pair in “Blue Celadon” at the event. You can check them out in this adorable video (here). Both pairs are available below for $300.00 each.

Purchase: Stella McCartney Oversized Cat Eye Sunglasses

The “Clara” coat she wore is from Stella’s Winter 2014 Collection and retails at $2,420.00. This oversized wool jacquard coat in a bold emerald green geometric print features silver snap fastenings throughout the front, dropped shoulders and sculptured arms with elasticated ribbed cuffs.

Purchase: Stella McCartney Clara Coat

In her hand she carried a matching green tote. This Cavendish Small Tote was featured in Stella’s Pre-Fall 2014 Collection (pictured on the right). The bag is currently available in Beau Blue. You can review the entire collection below. Under her coat, Rihanna also wore a spaghetti strap dress paired with green leather ankle boots — both of which were designed by Stella McCartney as well.

Review: Stella McCartney’s Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

Rihanna accessorized with more jewelry from Sabine G. She attended Porter Magazine’s Party wearing her pieces as well. Today, she opted for Sabine’s $23,450.00 18K Silver Gold Plated Necklace (that can also be worn as a headpiece) with Diamonds and a Ruby. On her last two fingers she wore Sabine G’s $7,643.00 Pink Gold and White Diamonds Double Ring.

On her index finger she also sported a ring from Stone Paris. This ‘Tess’ Ring is made of 18K rose gold and 0.95-carat diamonds. Although, this particular one is sold out, you can splurge on the similar ‘Sarah’ Ring (here) for $11,220.00. You can visit Stone Paris’ website below to review their latest collections.

Visit: Stone Paris’ Website

Rihanna then wore snake rings from Le Vian. The first of which, is a Linking Ring with 14K Gold, that was worn on the same hand as the rings we discussed previously. On the opposite hand, she wore three more Le Vian rings that were in the shape of snakes. On her index finger, she wore a Strawberry Gold Snake Ring with Chocolate and Blackberry Diamonds and Pink Sapphire that retails at $6,848.00. She also wore two more 14K Gold Diamond Snake Rings on her middle and third fingers. Rihanna rocked one of these rings before, backstage at Balmain’s Fall 2014 Runway Show.

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