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Rihanna spotted out and about in New York:

Rihanna was spotted out and about in New York today. Just last night, she sat court side at the Brooklyn Nets’ game between the Raptors. If you didn’t catch what she wore to the game, you can visit our post (here) to catch up! You might want to make a mental note that Rihanna’s issue of Brazil VOGUE drops Monday! To get a leg up on what she’s wearing on the cover and some of the editorial shots, visit our post (here). Let’s take a look at what she wore today.

Today, Rihanna opted for a set from the Spring 2014 Voodoo Child Collection of Amsterdam fashion house, Zoe Karssen. She did some personal alterations to the label’s Paradise sweatshirt, to turn it into a crop top. This €110.00 sweatshirt is loosing fitting and features the phrase, “Cote D-Azur and an all-over pineapple print. Her low-waist sweatpants feature this same all-over print and also detail at €110.00. You can snag both of her pieces below.

Purchase: Zoe Karssen Paradise Loose-Fit Sweatshirt

Purchase: Zoe Karssen Paradise Loose-Fit Low Waist Sweat Pants

Rihanna completed her look with Barbara Bui Moccasins. These Spring 2014 elaticsted Oxford shoes retail at $610.00 and feature silver mirror-effect leather to be worn with or without laces (Rihanna wore hers without the laces). The shoe also offers metal inlaying on the toe and heel.

Purchase: Barbara Bui Silver Oxfords

Rihanna carried along with her, a Spring 2012 mint green clutch from Chanel. Rihanna’s velvet clutch is python-embossed.

By way of jewelry, Rihanna wore several rings from Jacquie Aiche. Her pieces included: a Large Chrysoprase and Small Lapis Teardrop Trinity Ring, a Gold Bunny Ring a Red Sapphire Gemstone Center Ring and three Triangle Pyramid Rings (in Labradorite, Lapis and Moonstone). She also wore Jacquie’s 14K Diamond Mini Sweet Leaf Necklace, 5-Point Deco Necklace and Fallon’s Oversized Liquid Gold Herringbone Chain. Rihanna’s bracelets included: Jacquie Aiche’s Large Double Crescent Horn Cuff, H Cuff, Jacquie Aiche 10 Diamond Bezel Bracelet and her Diamond & 14K Gold Triangle Cuff.

In addition, Rihanna sported Alison Lou’s $2,350.00 New 14K yellow gold cuff that is accented with “screw” “u” emoticons.

Purchase: Alison Lou Screw U Cuff

Melissa updated her Instagram account today revealing a t-shirt from the brand, Trapstar London. She’s wearing their Oracle Tee in black that retails at £30.00. You can get one for your own collection below.

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Images via: Rihanna-Diva

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