Rihanna Gets 'Ghetto' in JoyRich || May 22nd

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Rihanna updates her twitter account with photos and went to Giorgio Baldi:

Today Rihanna updated her Instagram account with a few photos of herself wearing something super sporty for the spring season. After doing so, she was later spotted at Giorgio Baldi. Last night, Rihanna dined out at her favorite Italian spot, Giorgio Baldi once more in Los Angeles. To catch up on her look for dinner, you can visit our post (here). Without further delay let’s jump into what she’s wearing today!

Rihanna looked adorable today wearing JoyRich’s Paris 28 Athletic Big Tee. This top retails at $106.00. Of course, Rihanna opted for a top in a baby pink hue that matched her hair. Unfortunately, her color-way has sold out at JoyRich’s online store. But! You can purchase it in black, off-white and navy. Just click the aforementioned links! Rihanna completed her look with another pair of Chanel stick-ins. At Giorgio Baldi she wore a pair in navy. This time they are grey.

Rihanna adorned herself with a Kentshire Diamond Estate Necklace, Fallon’s Oversized Liquid Gold Herringbone Chain and her Jacquie Aiche Labradorite Teardrop Necklace. Her rings included a Red Sapphire Gemstone Center Ring, three Triangle Pyramid Rings (in Labradorite, Lapis and Moonstone). She wore a version of her Large Double Crescent Horn Cuff, $5,410.00 Hammered Flat Tip Cuff covered in partial Pavé White Diamonds. Rihanna also wore an $8,000 H Cuff with Pavé Diamonds and an $1,625.00 10 Diamond Bezel Cuff. Both of these bracelets are available in Yellow Gold, 14K Gold and Rose Gold. In addition, she is also wearing Jacquie’s $2,185.00 Diamond and 14K Yellow Gold Triangle Cuff and $790.00 Mini Sweet Leaf Bracelet.

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Purchase: Jacquie Aiche Mini Sweet Leaf Bracelet

Purchase: Jacquie Aiche 10 Diamond Bezel Bracelet

Purchase: Jacquie Aiche Diamond & 14K Gold Triangle Cuff

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