Rihanna in Fear of God, Rihanna for River Island

Pigalle | Fear of God | Rihanna for River Island
Thin Lizzy | Mala by Patty Rodriguez

Melissa updated her Instagram during a fun day back home:

Rihanna is now back in Los Angeles. If you’ve been keeping up with her like we have, you probably already know that she recently jetted over to Rio de Janeiro for the final parts of the FIFA World Cup. We revealed the details on what she wore to the final game. If you missed the info, you can head over to our previous post to catch up. Last night, she was spotted at Giorgio Baldi. Let’s take a look at what she wore.

Rihanna kept her hair tucked under a Pigalle SS14 cap in these photos. She covered up in a Fear of God Bomber Jacket. This piece is from the LA-based brand’s Third Collection. A few months ago, Rihanna’s close friend Kanye West, performed in the similar jacket you see pictured above. That bomber retails at $995.00 and features a rear messenger pocket, double zipper detail and gathered sleeves. Unfortunately, it’s sold out in both Black and the color Rihanna wore, Military Olive. Her piece will be available really soon!

Underneath her jacket, Rihanna rocked a tattered, vintage tee from the band, Thin Lizzy — which pays homage to their 1977 album, Bad Reputation. You can purchase this top below from EBay, and make your own distressed alterations. This top is also available with the “Bad Reputation slogan on the back instead of the front at Play.com.

Purchase: Thin Lizzy Bad Reputation T-Shirt

Rihanna then wore an item from her River Island Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection. She opted for her $62.00 Khaki Camo G4LIFE Leggings that feature the G4LIFE slogan around the waistband. Around her neck Rihanna donned her Mala by Patty Rodriguez “Where You From” Necklace.

Images via: Rihanna-Diva