Rihanna in Adam Selman, Tom Ford

Adam Selman | Tom Ford | Manolo Blahnik | Yvonne Leon
Lynn Ban | Kentshire | Mala by Patty Rodriguez

Rihanna was spotted heading to her hotel in NYC:

After having the cutest time with bang Majesty on her first flight, Rihanna was spotted in New York arriving at her hotel. The Monster Tour is set to start up for round two of the three different two-show location dates. We’ve been keeping you abreast to all of her tour outfits and will continue to do so! You can visit our The Monster Tour Fashion Recap for all of the details. here’s what Rihanna wore back to her hotel:

Rihanna emerged in a lovely dress from designer and close friend Adam Selman. The slip like dress is all black with white trimmed along the straps and bottom hem. This dress was featured in his Spring 2014 Collection. Rihanna’s worn from this collection a few times already. She wore his jersey to celebrate her best friend’s birthday and later attended a baby shower in even more pieces! You can take a look at the entire runway show below.

Review: Adam Selman’s Spring 2014 Collection

Rihanna completed her look with Manolo Blahnik Suede BB Pumps. This shoe retails at $595.00 and is definitely a great go-to for just about any look you might be going for. You can purchase a pair from the link below in not only black (like Rihanna’s), but several other colors.

Rihanna then carried a bag from Tom Ford. This $1,490.00 Icon Evening Bag features a chain shoulder strap made of gold galvanized brass. You can get one for your own bag collection below.

Purchase: Tom Ford Icon Evening Bag

By way of jewelry, Rihanna donned these Diamond Coil Cuff Bracelets designed by Lynn Ban. She complimented them with a 1970’s Gold Diamond Bracelet and 1960’s Gold and Diamond Cocktail Rings. All of these pieces are from Lynn’s archive. Around her neck, Rihanna wore her Mala by Patty RodriguezWhere You From Necklace and her Kentshire Diamond Estate Necklace.

On this occasion, Rihanna also wore a couple of pieces from Yvonne Leon in her ears. She wore Yvonne’s 18k Gold Lobe Earring inlaid with five mini pearls and a 18k Yellow Gold Stud Earring inlaid with a single pearl. You can get both of these items below.

Purchase: Yvonne Leon 18K Gold Five Mini Pearl Lobe Earring

Purchase: Yvonne Leon 18K Gold and Pearl Stud Earring

Images via: Rihanna-Diva