The Monster Tour: Fashion Recap

Rihanna's The Monster Tour Outfits

The Monster Tour

Here’s the rundown on Rihanna’s “The Monster Tour” outfits:

The moment we’ve all been looking forward to is finally here! The Monster Tour has kicked off! Rihanna and Eminem began the six show tour in Pasadena, California last night. In this post, we’ll be keeping you up to speed on everything Rihanna is wearing during the tour, much like we did with Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour. Be sure to check back after every show to get the details on your favorite tour ensembles!

Rihanna took to the stage in two different looks. The first of which is the one you see pictured above. Rihanna paid homage to several different rock bands in this jacket emblazoned with several different colorful patches. This custom look was created by none other than Adam Selman.

Adam revealed a closer look at some of the rock band patches used on the jacket she wore. The look really came together with the frayed fringes used on the ends of the custom jacket.

Underneath this jacket, Rihanna wore a shirt from the 1970’s band, Krokus. Her vintage tee originated in 1984 and features the song title Midnight Maniac, fr the band’s album, The Blitz. Rihanna’s version of this vintage top was extremely distressed.

Rihanna opened the show in this particular look you see above. And might we say it was a stunning intro! This outfit, which consisted of a flame print jacket and matching trousers was created by menswear designer, Asger Juel Larsen. You may remember this name from Rihanna’s Diamonds World Tour. She rocked a full look from their SS14 collection during her concert in Manila. This time, she wore fabrics depicting erupting volcanoes and flames from his Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection entitled, “CCTV on Fire”.

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Rihanna completed this look (as well as the previous one we discussed) with these Dr. Martens Jadon 8-Eye Platform Boots. These $170.00 boots have a 3″ heel and a 2″ platform complete with tonal laces in corded cotton and metal eyelets. Rihanna also wore several jewelry pieces from Lynn Ban.

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Thanks to Lynn Ban and her amazing team we can give you an EXCLUSIVE look at the pieces she’s wearing. Rihanna wore custom-made cross rings and a black and white circular bracelet that was also made courtesy of Lynn. In addition, to those pieces she wore the two bracelets you see above. These Coil Cuffs are made of Black Diamond and White Diamond. She also sported her Coil Rings of the same material. Lastly, we have her Black Diamond Chevron Cuff. These pieces looked stunning on her!

During the performance, your attention might have been drawn to the necklace she was wearing as well. This Crest Choker was designed by Yoon Ambush. Rihanna’s alloy metal and leather choker features the original “Bolt” motif and adjusts to three different sizes. You can splurge on one of your very own below.

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Rihanna performed at the Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena for Day Two of The Monster Tour. For this show, Rihanna’s stylist Mel Ottenberg enlisted the talents of designer, Jeremy Scott. Ironically, last night was also his birthday! What a treat to have Rihanna wear his pieces on his special day! Rihanna performed in his Spring/Summer 2015 8-Ball Print Bucket Hat, Parka and Dress! She complimented the look with a pair of Timberland Boots.

Rihanna is always one step ahead of the world when it comes to fashion so naturally she’s one of the first to wear pieces from this collection. Once the collection releases to the public we’ll give you a closer look at the runway show display. For now, Rihanna herself gave fans and the like a close up look at her ensemble through a photo posted on her twitter a few hours ago. Super cute!

Rihanna also emerged in a look that included another vintage t-shirt. This one however, featured the English heavy metal band, Judas Priest. The vintage muscle shirt she wore came about in 1983, in honor of their album Screaming For Vengeance. The album saw its release the year before. This shirt is from the vintage tee shop, Chapel NYC.

Rihanna coupled her t-shirt with a pair of leather pants from Katie Eary’s Fall 2014 Menswear Collection. These leather trousers feature zip details down the legs and across the thighs.

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Rihanna wore lots of jewelry with this look! As you might have guessed — it’s all courtesy of Lynn Ban! She and her hardworking team kindly gave us the exclusive on these pieces as well! These pieces also lead us to exactly what the inspiration for this look was as a whole. Around her neck, Rihanna wore Lynn’s Vintage Paste Necklace and Vintage 1960’s Choker. The choker might look a bit familiar to you. Rihanna wore it to the MTV 2013 Video Music Awards. Her look at the VMA’s was the inspiration for this particular look during The Monster Tour.

On her fingers, Rihanna donned even more from the vintage archives of Lynn Ban. Here’s a close up of her many 1960’s Pearl Cocktail Rings!

The Monster Tour returned for a third show on August 16th. The tour was presented at The Met Life Stadium in New York to thousands of eager fans. In this look above, Rihanna wore a custom take on a look that was featured in Japanese Womenswear designer, Hye In Seo’s collection. The pieces were presented at her graduation show as a student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. The show was themed around teen angst and struggle, especially in relationship to schooling. Rihanna’s skirt were altered to say different phrases such as “SHADY” and “Role Model”. She also wore the “School Kills” Bucket Hat and Red Jacket.

Rihanna’s other look for the night consisted of more vintage pieces that pay homage to rock bands of old. This time, she wore a vintage raglan sleeve tee from 1980’s band, Mötley Crüe. The torn sleeve t-shirt she wore features a “Motley Crue” graphic depicting their album titled, “Shout At The Devil”. Rihanna paired this top with Tripp NYC Patched Jeans. You can take a look at similar pair here.

This grunge-inspired look was given just the right touch with exclusive Lynn Ban pieces. In a previous performance from this tour, we covered Rihanna in Lynn’s Diamond Coil Cuff and Black Rhodium Coil Cuff. She wore these two cuffs again for her first The Monster Tour show at Met Life Stadium. In addition to these pieces, she wore Lynn Ban White Sapphire Chevron Cuffs and Black Diamond Chevron Cuffs.

Around her neck, Rihanna wore a custom-made Cross Chain Choker. Rihanna has worn three different custom chokers from Lynn in the past. She wore a Jett Cross Choker during her Diamonds World Tour show in Cape Town, a Silver Cross Choker during her Diamonds World Tour performance in South Africa and a Sterling Silver Cross Chain in her 032c Magazine spread.

Let’s talk rings. Rihanna has always been one to wear a lot of rings at one time. So, she definitely took advantage of several pieces from Lynn Ban to pull her look together. Lynn custom made these Cross Rings for Rihanna to wear. In addition, Lynn’s Gold & Diamond Caduceus Ring was also spotted on one of her fingers as well.

On day two of Rihanna’s set of show dates at Met Life Stadium, she emerged in yet another amazing ensemble! This look you see above was designed by Adam Selman. The look consisted of a destructed tank, and a checkerboard print jacket. This look was pulled together with a stunning pair of red thigh-high Christian Louboutin boots. This look was accessorized with jewelry from Lynn Ban. We’ll give you the rundown on her pieces in just a bit!

Rihanna’s next look for the concert was a distressed vintage Jim Morrison T-shirt. For this outfit, Rihanna wore another pair of Tripp NYC jeans. These pants have a super-skinny, slim-fitting cut, featuring loads of black zip & strap detailing plus D-rings to the sides for the detachable cotton bondage straps and removable kilt-style bum-flap (which can be worn to the front, back or side). You can get a pair below for £69.00. Around her neck, Rihanna wore her Lynn Ban Vintage Paste Necklace. She wore this piece in a previous performance during this tour.

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The Monster Tour’s last stop is in Detroit, Michigan. As you know, the city is Eminem’s hometown. Of course the show was set to be a special one. Rihanna debuted two new outfits. The first was a tartan print dress that I personally loved. This dress was another creation from Tripp NYC. Her Red Tartan Dress retails at an affordable $74.00 and features detachable suspenders with a zipper that extends down to the bodice. Rihanna completed her look with the Dr. Martens Jadon 8-Eye Platform Boots that she’s work multiple times during this tour.

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Her second look for the night was a vintage Alice Cooper tank in white that featured a graphic of the lead singer of the group, Alice Cooper, on the front. She paired this top with the same Tripp NYC jeans she wore during her show in New Jersey. Also, if you look closely, you’ll notice that her plaid suspenders from the tartan print dress we just discussed were worn on these pants.

Rihanna completed her look with sneakers from Comme des Garçons. Her $700.00 smooth leather high top sneaker feature silver-tone eyelets, a self pull tab at the ankle and tonal micro rubber platforms. These shoes have been in her closet for quite some time now and were a definite mainstay during her Diamonds World Tour. Her jewelry for both these looks included several of the cuffs from Lynn Ban that we’ve discussed during previous show dates.

Let’s take a look at a photo from backstage of one of the tour’a show dates. In this photo uploaded by Rihanna onto her twitter account, she is testing out a look that included a 1985 Vintage Run DMC Krush Groove IV T-shirt and a customized pair of Tripp NYC Black Bumflap Bondage Pants. You can purchase the original pair below. Rihanna’s pair was decked out in Alice Cooper patches that included his group’s logo and his signature eyes.

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The finale show of The Monster Tour in Detroit was a very special one! Here’s another photo from backstage. Rihanna posed in a limited edition hoodie from Eminem’s merchandise collection. This “Eminem vs Shady” black hoodie features a new Camo Colorway within the writing. It was also available in a shirt but has since sold out because of it’s limited quantity.

In this look from the final show date of the tour, Rihanna participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Eminem also participated as well. You can check out the footage of the two taking the challenge from our post. Here, a Rihanna wore a cool pair of neon green distressed jeans with Suspender straps from designer Asger Juel Larsen. The pants are from his Spring/Summer 2015 Collection. Rihanna then wore Dr. Martens Jadon 8-Eye Platform Boots.

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Rihanna’s second look was certainly unforgettable as well. She wore a slick pair of custom red vinyl bondage pants from Tripp NYC with her Comme des Garçons Platform Sneakers. Her top was another strong salute to 80’s rock with Bon Jovi. Her vintage 1986 Bon Jovi shirt is from the, “Slippery When Wet” tour. The tee which Rihanna removed the sleeves off of, features a huge front graphic with Bon Jovi himself wearing snakeskin boots and a fresh perm. The back has the tour info. Rihanna also wore chokers from Trash and Vaudeville.

Images via: Rihanna-Diva

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