Rihanna covers TUSH Magazine

Rihanna for TUSH Magazine

Rihanna poses for TUSH Magazine:

SUPRISE! Rihanna has shot a new magazine cover and spread! This is her first ever TUSH magazine cover! TUSH is a German high fashion magazine. The spread was shot by Gomillion and Leopold in Nevada. Let’s jump right into what she wore! (The following is in no particular order)

Our recap gets its start with the cover look. For the cover as well as this photo from within the editorial, Rihanna wore a jacket from designer, Jan Taminiau’s Fall 2014 Couture Collection. The texture of this piece is definitely to die for. Below, you’ll find the link to the entire collection. The chain-detailed piece underneath her jacket is by Bess Webb.

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With this photo, we delve into what else encompassed the cover look for Rihanna’s issue of TUSH. She completed this outfit with Thigh-High Boots designed by Maison Martin Margiela. What stood out most in this photo was definitely her bag. The “Carrie” Pony Hair bag is from Jimmy Choo. Her jewelry here consisted of pieces from Bess NYC created by Doug Abraham.

Rihanna wore a two pieces from Bess NYC and another from Cornelia Webb. In the first photo we discussed she sported Cornelia’s Small Wired Choker and in the latter photo, it can be seen that she wore the brand’s Bess Studded Stingray Cuff and Bess Studded Stingray EyeCuff. Each of these cuffs retail at $660.00. However, they’re on sale for $460.00 currently.

In this photo from the spread — which happens to be my favorite — Rihanna donned a beautiful headpiece from House of Malakai. Rihanna has worn headgear For this shoot, she wore a white headpiece from their Hybrid Couture Collection.

Rihanna then wore a white coat from Saint Laurent’s Fall 2011 Collection. Do you recognize this piece? Rihanna actually wore it before within the pages of her September 2011 Glamour Magazine Editorial!

Underneath her coat, Rihanna wore a dress from Tony Ward’s Spring/Summer 2014 Couture Collection. The pieces within this collection have very intricate details and patterns. The dress Rihanna wore has sparkling embellishments along the neckline. Check out the entire line below.

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Rihanna struck a pose for this photo in her spread wearing a Zana Bayne corset. Zana Bayne launched her first hand-crafted leather harness collection in 2010 and has been on the move ever since building her own foundation as a New York City Leather Design House. You can check out her latest collection from her online site — here. On top of her corset, Rihanna wore Reem Acra’s Fall 2014 Collection Dress. The black iridescent feathers worked so well with the treatment used by Gomillion and Leupold. Review the rest of the runway show below.

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Let’s take a closer look at the pieces from Zana Bayne Rihanna wore. She first wore her “Bullet Bustier” in clear PVC. This $550.00 bustier is accented by black rivets and soft leather ties in the back. The waist peplum fastens to accentuate an hourglass while forming a dramatic side cut-out. She also sported her “Ride Belt” in clear PVC as well. This $255.00 layered shaped belt has a single detachable strap that can hang like a rein or be thrown over the shoulders as a halter. The belt is currently unavailable but you can get the bustier below.

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Next up, we have this photo of Rihanna in another couture look! This time around, Rihanna pulled from designer, Charlotte Licha’s Spring 2014 Couture Collection. The shimmering bodysuit she wore from Licha wraps at the bodice and features a unique print along the bottom. You can take a look at the rest of the collection below. Worn on her forearms is a sweater designed by Paula Cheng. Each of her collections puts a unique spin on your average jacket and definitely takes knitwear to a whole new level! Take a look at some of her collections online — here. Rihanna completed this look with hand crafted Norisol Ferrari Armbandsand Brute NY Nose Jewelry

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Rihanna wore all black in this photo from the editorial. She began things with another House of Malakai headpiece. This black one is also from their Hybrid Couture Collection.

Zooming out a bit, let’s review the rest of the look. Rihanna stunned in a dress from renowned designer, Roberto Cavalli. His craftsmanship as a designer was clearly seen within this collection. Rihanna’s evening dress features beaded Art Deco columns. Take a look at the rest of the collection below. Underneath her dress, Rihanna wore Calvin Klein pants.

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Rihanna finished her look with Pedro Garcia Mirror-Effect Adelyn Silver Sandals. These unlined raw edge suede cowhide sandals retail at $365.00 and features mirror effect embellished straps and velcro closures. Her jewelry for this look consisted of Stacked Coil Cuffs from the fashion label, Balmain. These cuffs were featured in their Fall 2014 Collection. Rihanna has worn from this collection several times in another editorial. You can check out what she wore in her W Magazine spread.

Purchase: Pedro Garcia Adelyn Silver Sandals

Last but certainly not least, we have this photo of Rihanna from the editorial. Rihanna donned another corset for the shot. This time, the piece is courtesy of Clarisse Hieriax Couture. She then wore the dress you see pictured above from Erdem’s Fall 2014 Collection. The unifying theme for this collection was revolution. The collection consist of gilded guipure, croc-stamped black leather, in and Erdem’s signature intricate botanical embroidery. Check out the rest of the collection below.

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This look also takes us back to Jan Taminiau’s Fall 2014 Collection. She uniquely wore the piece as an undergarment to her dress. If you’d like to see the collection in full, you can scroll back up to the previous look within this post.

Rihanna completed this look with a pair of wedges that’s about three years old — yet still classic! These gold wedges with floral embossment and carvings are from Rodarte’s Spring 2011 Collection in collaboration with Nicholas Kirkwood. Check out the rest of the runway show from the link below.

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