Accessories Report: Rihanna Sports Ray-Ban and Givenchy in Beverly Hills || January 11th

Rihanna carries Givenchy Pyramid Clutch

Givenchy | Ray Ban | Chanel | Jacquie Aiche | Kentshire

Rihanna was spotted in Beverly Hills on Monday:

A few photos have released today that revealed Rihanna is now in California. For a number of days since her vacation, she had been residing in New York. Rihanna was spotted in Beverly Hills yesterday. She kept a low profile wearing an all black sporty getup with Chanel Slippers. However, we’ll be taking a look at a few of her accessories.

Rihanna sported her Ray Ban sunglasses for starters out in Beverly Hills. The initial design of these frames saw its release in 1952. Since then the label has continued to skyrocket. You can pick up her glasses from the link below. These sunnies have been a staple for her for years.

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In her hand, Rihanna carried a $1,890.00 Givenchy Triangle Large Grained Calfskin Wristlet. This grained calfskin wristlet features shiny palladium hardware and has a unique triangular shape with a 10″ wristlet strap. You can also purchase it in Pale Pink from Neiman Marcus for the same price.

Due to the quality of these photos we can’t specifically point out every piece of jewelry she wore. But we can tell you that she’s sporting several pieces from Jacquie Aiche. Her Crescent Necklace, rings and anklets are all designed by Jacquie. She’s wearing a few bracelets on her arm that look to be from Aiche’s collection as well. She is also wearing her beloved Kentshire Diamond Estate Necklace.

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