Rihanna Rehearses for DirecTV's Super Bowl Saturday Night Event in Billionaire Girls Club || January 31st

Rihanna in Billionaire Girls Club for DirecTV performance rehearsals

Ray Ban | Pigalle Paris | Billionaire Girls Club | Jacquie Aiche

Rihanna rehearses for her DirecTV Super Bowl Saturday Night performance:

Rihanna is set to perform tonight during DirecTV’s Super Bowl Saturday Night party in honor of the annual Super Bowl tomorrow. The invitation-only event will be held inside DIRECTV Super Fan Stadium at the Pendergast Family Farm in Glendale, Arizona’s Sports and Entertainment District, across from University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, the site of Super Bowl XLIX. With that being said, the event is private and will not be televised. However, we hope to at least see what she’s wearing for her performance. In either case, we will be here to give you the rundown on what she’s wearing if and when those photos surface. Just moments ago, Rihanna updated her Instagram with a photo taken from her rehearsal at 3:00am for the event. Let’s take a peek at what she wore.

Rihanna paired her Pigalle Paris Spring/Summer 2014 Collection cap with a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses. She then wore a Billionaire Girls Club Script Hunt Pullover. The piece retails at $160.00. Unfortunately, her pullover is sold out at the label’s online store. Rihanna completed the look with a few visible pink tourmaline jewelry pieces from Jacquie Aiche.

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