Rihanna Attends FENDI Flagship Boutique Inauguration || February 13th

Rihanna attends FENDI Boutique opening in


Rihanna attends Fendi boutique opening:

Rihanna is always one of thee celebrities to watch during fashion week, be it in Paris or on New York. Yesterday, Rihanna began her march on New York Fashion Week by attending the Adidas Originals fashion show which featured Kanye West’s designs. If you missed what she wore to the show, you can catch up by visiting our previous post. today, Rihanna attended the launch of the FENDI boutique in New York where her redesigned 3Baguette and
Micro Baguette bags were put on display for the charity auction.

It was certainly an honor to be asked to redesign the famous bag and Rihanna couldn’t have been more proud to let us all see the final product. She attended the Fendi store opening in a vintage archival Fendi Bronze Dress and a Pink Chinchilla Coat while toting her redesigned 3Baguette Bag. She really looked stunning!

Images via: Rihanna-Diva

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