Rihanna attends HOME promotional event in Adam Selman

Adam Selman | Jennifer Fisher | Jemma Wynne

Rihanna attends a HOME promotional event in New York :

Another day another promotional event! Rihanna has been spotted today in attendance at the “Home” promotional event. Let’s jump right into her look!

Today, Rihanna’s wearing a cardigan and a dress that features an embellished bow print from Adam Selman’s Fall 2015 Collection. Rihanna attended a Snapchat Q&A Session in another look from this collection. In fact, she was the first to debut the collection at the recent NBA All-Star game.

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On her finger, Rihanna donned a $2,800.00 Jennifer Fisher XL White South Sea Pearl Ring with a Single Diamond. As the name suggests, the pearl ring has a small diamond in the very center.

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Rihanna wore Yossi Harari Earrings in edition to Jemma Wynne’s Limited Edition emerald Baguette Earrings. These Earrings are made with 18k Yellow Gold with Black Rhodium and feature Emerald Baguettes and Pave Diamonds.

Images via: Rihanna-Diva