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Rihanna's American Oxygen Music Video Fashion

Schott NYC | Mara Carrizo Scalise | Jennifer Fisher

Rihanna shoots the video for her single, American Oxygen:

Rihanna has unveiled a new video from her latest catalogue of new music. The song is called, American Oxygen. She performed the single for the first time at NCAA’s March Madness Music Festival. The video premieres exclusively on the new app, TIDAL and has been deemed as an exploration of America’s History.

According to REVOLT, Rihanna’s visual is an equivalent to the tests our nation has faced over the past centuries. The video includes patriotic imagery with archival footage of the United States’ most compelling and historical chain of events. From Martin Luther King’s funeral possession, Ferguson’s untimely marches, the 1968 Summer Olympics and Beatlemania. The directorial team, Darren Craig, Jonathan Craven, and Jeff Nicholas spoke exclusively to REVOLT on conceptualizing the aesthetic aspect of the video. You can read the interview at the end of our recap. But for now, let’s talk fashion!

With such a powerful message to give, Rihanna and her stylist, Mel Ottenberg surely wanted to take a subtle approach to her look. They opted for simplistic outfits with a raw edge so as to let the video’s message shine through without distraction. She wore a vintage Schott NYC Perfecto Jacket. This jacket features a belted front, bi-swing back, underarm footballs, zippered pockets and sleeves, with insulated nylon quilted lining. Rihanna also owns the Neon Green Optic Perfecto Jacket. She was given it as a Christmas present back in 2013.

As of right now, a vintage Schott NYC Perfecto Jacket is available on Etsy for $200.00. We’ve included images of the piece above. However you can also buy Schott’s newest version of the classic piece below for $750.00.

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Looking a bit closer at her first look in the video we can see that one of the necklaces around her neck is from jeweler, Mara Carrizo Scalise. She is wearing Mara’s $1,485.00 14K Eternity Necklace. The piece is also available with a different chain priced at $685.00.

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In the second look from the video rihanna sported a vintage Schott NYC Bomber Jacket with orange lining. It’s latest model is the AC Bomber Jacket that you can purchase here. Rihanna also wore jewelry from one of our favorite jewelers — Jennifer Fisher! Rihanna wore her $5,500.00 Cigar Band with a Medium Pavé Gothic Letter. Of course, the letter Rihanna chose was a “R”. The ring is available in 14K Gold, 18K Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold below.

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Note: we will be updating this post with further information on her rings as well as her bomber jacket very soon! We are awaiting confirmation. Thank you for your patience

The video has an underlying message of political and social justice, was this a collaborative concept or simply an ode to the lyrics of the song?

Definitely collaborative. Rihanna really wanted to make people think with this one, and really wanted to make sure it wasn’t too focused on just the positive or just the negative. In the edit, it was all about finding the right balance of historical footage, positive and negative, that would work to juxtapose the two sides of American history. There’s glory in the struggle, there are ups and downs, and all of that is what makes America what it is. We wanted to find the right balance that pulled the viewer into different emotions and feelings about what they were watching.

We worked with Rihanna to show America from varying perspectives: along with including classic apple pie Americans, we also wanted to show those desperately trying to get here, the disenfranchised, the persecuted, those struggling against all odds to attain change, those who fought to make america what it is and the kids who hold America’s future in their hands.

Can you tell us about where the video was shot and the overall premise?

We shot most of the performance elements with Rih on a live runway, which apparently isn’t something that’s normally possible. Usually it’s out on a side road or taxiway, so it was pretty special to be able to build a massive American flag directly in the middle of a runway and shoot there. (Obviously they closed the runway to air traffic for our shoot so no one was in danger) We also shot over at the Pasadena City Hall, which is actually where they shot all the city hall exteriors for “Parks & Recreation.” So that was fun.

Really this video is an exploration of the rich fabric that makes up America’s history. There’s greatness and joy, but also pain and struggle. And all of that combined makes America what it is.

Rihanna’s visuals seem to be following an All-American theme, did she make mention of staying consistent with this idealism?

I mean, the song is called “American Oxygen.” The styling and themes for Rih’s performance was all about providing a fitting backdrop that would bridge together all of these amazing historical clips.

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