Rihanna Attends Coachella 2015: Fashion Recap

Rihanna attends Coachella in Jacquie Aiche and KTZ

Marques’Almeida | Jacquie Aiche | Jennifer Fisher
Ambush Design | Jeremy Scott | Kokon to Zai | Balenciaga

Rihanna celebrates Melissa’s birthday and attends Coachella :

Coachella this year got a special treat — a visit from Rihanna! She attended Day Two and Day Three of the event. Day two just so happened to fall on the same day as her best friend, Melissa’s birthday! We’ve got the details on what she wore as well! You can head over to Melissa’s Closet for the details on M$$’ outfit. Let’s take a look at what Rihanna wore:

Rihanna is celebrating with her best friend wearing lots of Jacquie Aiche pieces! She’s wearing not one, not two — but THREE of her new leather chokers! She’s sporting a $1,125.00 Leather Choker with Moonstone and Diamond Clusters, a $1,340.00 Leather Choker with Blue Diamond Center Eye and a $1,250.00 Choker with Deco Steps. Also, she’s wearing Jacquie’s $12,500.00 Abalone & Emerald Horn Necklace and Sweet Leaf Hoop Earrings.

Just when you thought she couldn’t wear enough neck gear, she donned a new Fall 2015 Jennifer Fisher Silver Braid Choker! She has two of these new neckpieces. The first is Jen’s $780.00 Brass Small Braid Choker and a $1,130.00 XL Braid Choker. These pieces will not be available for purchase until July/August of this year. That being the case, you may be wondering just how Rihanna got her hands on them early. Well, I spoke with Jennifer and in addition to giving us exclusive images of both of these chokers, she also revealed that Rihanna saw her wearing them and had to have them! As you can see Jennifer was happy to oblige! We can’t wait to see her pair them with more of her looks in the future!

Rihanna is always wearing different shades of lipstick. Today she supported her friend’s make up line, Free Spirits by wearing the hue called, Purple Haze. Shop the lipstick for $25.00 here.

Rihanna covered up at Coachella 2015 in her purple coat designed by duo, Marques’Almeida for their Fall 2015 Collection. This coat featured a distressed element along the sleeve. She debuted it on stage in front of over 80,000 of her fans at March Madness! Did you miss what she wore in full detail? Head over to our recap to find out more!

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Rihanna completed this look with a whimsical pair of boots designed by Jeremy Scott. These boots are pink and feature a big flower pattern throughout. These boots were featured in different color hues within Jeremy’s Spring 2015 Collection.

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On day three of the Coachella weekend, Rihanna emerged in new threads from the Fall 2015 Kokon to Zai Collection. According to creative director Marjan Pejoski, he and partner Sasko Bezovski just felt like they wanted to do “something new” this season, and the energy in New York invigorated them. The duo used the traditional aesthetic of Native American tribes as the vocal point of several of the looks within the collection — including Rihanna’s.

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Underneath the outwear, Rihanna donned a 2015 Dreamcatchers collection Breastplate courtesy of the Tokyo-based label, Ambush Design. For their latest collection, the creative couple looked to Arizona for inspiration. They revealed that it’s Native American-inspired, with a little Beatles’ White Album thrown in, and entirely made in Japan.

Rihanna completed her look with $1,175.00 Unit Leather Biker Ankle Boots are designed by Alexander Wang for Balenciaga. They’re made from smooth black leather and detailed with gunmetal stud eyelets and a Velcro-fastening ankle strap. The stand out design of a black and white marbled rubber sole definitely makes a statement.

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Images via: Rihanna-Diva

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