Melissa Updates Her Instagram During the Month of May

Melissa updates her Instagram in May

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Melissa updates her Instagram during the month of May:

As we delve deeper into the month of May, it’s about time we start up a new monthly post for you all regarding Melissa’s day to day looks for the month! If you missed the details on a look she wore in April, you can head over to our post for that month to catch up. As always, you can follow us at MTFFASHION on Instagram for a fast, simplistic rundown of Mel’s outfits while you’re on the go. Mel has also worn looks that she did not post onto her Instagram account. For the details on those outfits, visit her section: Melissa’s Closet.

On May 25th, Melissa decided to go on a beach day! For the occasion, she wore an $140.00 VFILES Sport Plus Downward Spiral Swimsuit. M$$’ black bathing suit features a yellow “Downward Spiral” graphic with yellow trim. The swimsuit also features a white and yellow VFiles Sport Plus logo on the back.


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