Rihanna in BUM Equipment

B.U.M Equipment | Timberland | Louis Vuitton
Jennifer Fisher | Unearthen

Rihanna was spotted by night in New York:

We’ve all been teasing that rihanna would soon dye her hair back to the red we knew in loved during the 2010-11 years of her career. Well, now we can say it has FINALLY HAPPENED! Rihanna stepped out by night in New York flaunting a redder hue than the auburn she had been wearing with added length! Her new hair hasn’t detracted us from the main thrust of this post however — fashion! Let’s take a look at what she’s wearing.

Rihanna walked around NYC in a vintage B.U.M Equipment shirt. B.U.M. Equipment is a street fashion label that was founded in 1986 in a Seattle garage. The brand’s fashion lines include men’s, women’s, junior’s, and children’s sportswear apparel, as well as hosiery, footwear, backpacks, handbags, luggage, and eyewear. You can take a look at a similar top above.

Rihanna then wore her favorite Dark Brown Leather Timberland Boots.

On her wrist, Rihanna an Unearthen Crystal Pyramid Watch. Each of the Unearthen small pyramid watches is one of a kind, adorned with a unique quartz crystal, providing the wearer the calming properties of this special gem. You can buy one below for $560.00.

She also carried a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag — the patent leather “Mirada“. This bag is made of wine-red and chocolate colored smooth Amarante Vernis leather, and has an embossed design, golden clasp locks, and slender leather long straps.

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Another piece she wore on her other wrist was Jennifer Fisher’s beloved Snake Vertebrae Cuff. Around her neck, she also wore Jennifer’s $1,570.00 Spring 2015 Silver Crinkle Choker.

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Images via: Rihanna-Diva