Rihanna in SPURS Jersey

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Rihanna was spotted shopping in New York:

Rihanna was reportedly spotted shopping today while in New York. With her best friend in tow, the pair made their way down the streets of NY. Here’s what she wore:

Rihanna is an advocate of sports jerseys and has been seen wearing them time and again throughout the years. Today, she sported a vintage Champion brand SPURS Jersey with the roster number 10 of NBA star, Dennis Rodman.

Rihanna then wore a pair of wide leg trousers designed by Phoebe Philo for the label, Céline. These pants were featured in her Spring 2015 Collection. Rihanna completed her look with Mr. Completely Suede PUMA Creepers. These creepers are custom-made.

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On her wrist, Rihanna an Unearthen Crystal Pyramid Watch. Each of the Unearthen small pyramid watches is one of a kind, adorned with a unique quartz crystal, providing the wearer the calming properties of this special gem. You can buy one below for $560.00.

She also carried a Louis Vuitton shoulder bag — the patent leather “Mirada“. This bag is made of wine-red and chocolate colored smooth Amarante Vernis leather, and has an embossed design, golden clasp locks, and slender leather long straps. Rihanna’s been working these various accessories for the past few days.

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Later that evening, Rihanna was spotted heading into the studio for session. She covered up in a jacket that we were finally able to track down. In the above photo she posed with our friend, Diggzy wearing a $790.00 Sam MC London jacket. Sam MC London was established in 2010 by designer Samuel McWilliam. This is the first time she’s worn this label so we hope to see her in more pieces soon!

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Rihanna wore some serious earrings with this ensemble! We love the design and it’s actually a vintage grab. This should come as no surprise to you because Rihanna is definitely a collector of vintage items. These beauties are courtesy of Stazia Loren. You can peruse her collection of vintage earrings here.

Rihanna also donned a necklace from Stazia Loren. This charm necklace is vintage Christian Dior.

As we mentioned, Mel joined Rihanna on her shopping trip. She opted for an ASSK $113.34 Wrap Around Logo Shirt in White with a matching pair of $130.03 Wrap Around Logo Shorts. The rest of her look consisted of Black $220.00 Ksubi Batcat Sunglasses and $58.99 PUMA Suede Vlassic Sneakers. She ask carried her $2,000.00 Jacquie Aiche Sweet Leaf Clutch.

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Images via: Rihanna-Diva