Rihanna Makes Her Way From New York to London in Thrasher || May 25th

Rihanna spotted in Thrasher & Mandy Coon

Thrasher | Mandy Coon | Timberland

Rihanna was spotted arriving in London:

It’s been a while since Rihanna’s been across the pond, but as of today it’s official! Rihanna is in London! She arrived at Heathrow Airport just hours ago. Let’s take a look at her flight attire.

Rihanna wore a $44.95 Thrasher Flame Logo Hoodie. She’s worn this label quite a bit this year. We’ve covered all of her spottings in Thrasher so you don’t have to look far. This time around Rihanna wore the Flame Logo Hoodie in grey. You can shop the piece below.

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Rihanna finished her look with Premium Boots from Timberland. These Premium full-grain boots feature nubuck leathers for comfort, durability and abrasion resistance along with direct-attach, seam-sealed waterproof construction to keep feet dry in any weather. You can buy the classic footwear below.

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Rihanna then wore PUMA briefs and this cool leather backpack designed by Mandy Coon.

Images via: Rihanna-Diva

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