Bitch Better Have My Money Music Video: Fashion Recap

Rihanna's fashion in Bitch Better Have My Money Music Video

Ulyana Sergeenko | Adam Selman | Vetements
Tom Ford | Wanda Nylon | Christian Dior | Marc Jacobs
Cadolle | Maison Margiela | Vex Clothing | Versace


Here’s the rundown on the fashion in Rihanna’s new video for her single, Bitch Better Have My Money:

It’s finally HERE! Rihanna’s brand new music video for her single, Bitch Better Have My Money is now available for the world to see! The video has a poignant storyline of Rihanna and her henchmen holding a wealthy woman hostage wherein they torture her using different methods leading up to the reveal of the REAL ‘bitch who stole her money’ — the woman’s husband. Rihanna wears numerous pieces in the video and we intend to reveal them ALL so let’s begin.

This look is actually one you will see most throughout the video. As such, we will start with it. Rihanna wore a striped, hand-embroidered wool light coat from Ulyana Sergeenko. If the designer’s name doesn’t ring bell we are certain you haven’t forgot the stunning ensemble she designed that Rihanna wore to the MTV Movie Awards last year. The coat Rihanna wore in the video features a printed floral design along the arms and chest.

Review: Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2015 Couture Collection

Underneath her coat, Rihanna donned a white graphic tee from the very talented Adam Selman in this scene from the video. The top was a feature in his Spring 2015 Collection — which Rihanna has worn from several times already. Her t-shirt features a spilled bottle of finger nail polish that spells out Adam’s first and last name.

Review: Adam Selman Spring 2015 Collection

Rihanna finished this look with an eye-catching pair of boots from designer label, Vetements. Rihanna performed on Saturday Night LIVE in a look from them this year. Rihanna’s Spring 2015 boots have some slouch in them yet reach all the way up to her thigh for one dramatic finish to our first look in this post.

Review: Vetements Spring 2015 Collection

Rihanna then takes her heist to a pay phone on a desert road where she loses her temper on the phone. She threw a temper tantrum in a look from Tom Ford’s Fall 2015 Collection. The collection featured loads of patchwork denim designs. This is right up Rihanna’s alley as she loves to rock denim on denim in here everyday attire. The model in this photo is wearing the coat, denim skirt and boots from the video.

Review: Tom Ford’s Fall 2015 Collection

Underneath her denim coat, Rihanna wore a bustier from Cadolle that hides an orange bra top. Both pieces were featured on the runway of Maison Margiela’s Fall 2015 Collection. Check out the model rocking the piece above. Review the entire collection below.

Review: Maison Margiela Fall 2015 Collection

Let’s take a closer look at these boots. The Patchwork Knee High Boots retail at $2,690.00. Currently, they are up for pre-order at the link below.

Pre-Order: Tom Ford Patchwork Knee High Boots

Rihanna kept her fans excited down to the last second remaining till the video launched. She posted this photo onto her Instagram which is actually a photograph of a look from the video! Here, Rihanna wore a PVC trench coat trimmed in fur from the Fall 2015 Collection of designer, Wanda Nylon.

Review: Wanda Nylon Fall 2015 Collection

Rihanna completed her look in these scenes from the video wearing Fall 2015 Maison Margiela Leather Pumps. The footwear also has a touch of PVC elements along the heel and upper.

Review: Maison Margiela Fall 2015 Collection

Rihanna also wore this look on a yacht during the video. Upon removing the jacket she sat inside of a floaty wearing these rare $2,000.00 Vintage Gianni Versace Sunglasses from the 1990’s. Thanks to our friends over at Depuis 1924 we know she was wearing these courtesy of them ◡̈

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Rihanna’s henchman also wore vintage eyewear from Depuis 1924. Sita Bellan wore this pair of Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses from the 1990’s. This pair in particular belongs to Rihanna and she wore them during her Diamonds World Tour.

Another one of Rihanna’s accomplices,Sanam wore Vintage Gianni Versace Sunglasses (Mod S02 Col A11).

Rihanna innocently looked at the police officer coming to investigate wearing Christian Dior My Dior 3N Sunglasses in a pretty blue. The sunnies hid her devious eyes that told the truth about what was going on in the swimming pool. Underneath the surface lie the woman’s sinking body!

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In this scene from the video the revelation we mentioned at the outset takes place and Rihanna’s account –aka the bitch — is shown. Here Rihanna wears a $250.00 .50mm Latex Tank Dress from Vex Clothing. She accompanied this look with Vex Clothing’s $30.00 Latex Wristlet Gloves.

Purchase: Vex Clothing Latex Tank Dress

Purchase: Vex Clothing Latex Wristlet Gloves

As the video draws to a close, Rihanna walks through the grass in this scene where only here bloodied legs can be seen in a dashing pair of $868.00 Marc Jacobs Black Patent Leather Lace Up Pumps. The shoes are from Marc’s Fall 2015 Collection and are currently up for pre-order at the link below.

Pre-Order: Marc Jacobs Black Patent Leather Lace Up Pumps

Review: Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 Collection

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