Rihanna in Vetements Puffer Coat, Lucid FC Sweatshirt

Vetements | Lucid FC | Maison Margiela

Rihanna was spotted in New York by night wearing Vetements and Lucid FC:

After her big Samsung partnership announcement, Rihanna was spotted by night in New York yesterday. We’ve already covered her daytime look a little earlier on site. You can take a look at what she wore and watch the clip of Rihanna in action on her exclusive Samsung AntiDiaRy commercial. Also, Rihanna has officially announced her Anti World Tour!

Rihanna covered up in a $5,190.00 Vetements Black Reworked Puffer Coat. This long-sleeved oversized reworked puffer coat is made of black nylon with goose down filling. It zips up at the front, with an angled lower hem that zips apart. Rihanna loves Vetements and if you like this look you can splurge on the piece below. Ironically, Rihanna’s also been seen in the Antwerp tee the model is wearing in the photo above!

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Rihanna then wore a $33.00 tee from the brand Lucid FC! This Logo T-shirt in white features the brands signature logo on the front in big, bold font. Unfortunately, this item is sold out.

Rihanna completed her look with Maison Margiela’s Split Toe Tabi Boots. Her boots retail at $990.00 and are
inspired by a traditional Japanese design. They feature a leather covered, cylindrical stacked wood heel with a rubber plate and hidden silver hook closures at the inner ankles.

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Images via: Rihanna-Diva