Rihanna in Marques Almeida Frayed Hooded Denim Dress

Marques Almeida | Chanel | MCM

Rihanna posed in Marques Almeida’s Frayed Hooded Denim Dress:

I came across this image on Instagram and while I’m still not sure exactly how old or recent the photo is, I realized that we hadn’t covered what she is wearing here. So let’s take a brief look.

In this photo, Rihanna posed with her friend Leandra wearing a $329.00 Marques Almeida Blue Frayed Denim Hooded Dress. The dress is an indigo hue and features a frayed hem along with a distressed collar. Unfortunately, her dress has sold out. She complimented the look with her MCM Limited Edition Cosmetics Case.

Her shoes were the coveted Chanel Sock Boots. They retail at $695.00.