Rihanna in Snap Skull & Silver Spoon Attire Beanies

Snap Skull | Silver Spoon Attire | Alexander McQueen

Rihanna wears Snap Skull & Silver Spoon Attire Beanies:

Hi guys! This is going to be a really brief post today. I actually wanted to put some information on site that I discovered from a question I was asked on my Twitter account. Images of Rihanna were unearthed from yesterday while in New York. Unfortunately, the photos were very low quality. However, Rihanna was wearing a unique hat and I was asked for the details on it. I was able to not only find it but receive confirmation from the brand owners that I was correct. So let’s discuss!

Rihanna was seen in New York wearing a really cool winter hat. The hat takes the form of a skully, yet it has a SnapBack. So the piece gives you the best of both worlds so to speak. You’ll be happy to know that the brand behind the piece is SnapSkull. You can get one for you own hat collection below. It is affordably priced at $27.50.

Purchase: Snap Skull Black Beanie

Speaking of beanies, she’s worn yet another we want to update you on. On January 6th, Rihanna headed out wearing a new item from one of her favorite brands, Silver Spoon Attire. She wore their Brown Sugar Merino Beanie which retails at £95.00 (approx. $139.00 USD). Shop the piece below. She completed the look with Alexander McQueen $575.00 Oversized Sneakers. Which you can also shop for below.

Purchase: Silver Spoon Attire Merino Beanie

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Images via: Rihanna Range