Rihanna in Vetements at Miguel's Wild Heart Motel

JOYRICH | Tom Ford | Vetements

Rihanna sings karaoke at Miguel’s Wild Heart Motel event wearing Vetements :

Alright guys some pretty amazing things have transpired over the past few days. After releasing, ANTI on iTunes Rihanna’s album has already been certified platinum and has set the bar as the fastest album to do so in history! We are so proud of this album and Rihanna! In even more recent news, Rihanna had a little fun just moments ago with artist, Miguel. She sang karaoke at his Wild Heart Motel Live event. Take a look at the clip below while we give you a rundown on the fashion.

Rihanna sang karaoke wearing none other than Vetements. She opted for the label’s $586.00 Hooded Polizei-Print Sweatshirt. It has an oversized design detailed with cursive logos on the chest and a unique hood that can be twisted to create a crew-neck style. The videos displaying her singing are really low quality from Miguel’s periscope, but! It appears she wore the matching $529.00 Cut-Off Cuff Track Pantsas well! We will update this post with clearer photos if and when they emerge! Grab her hoodie from the link below. It’s also available in black. Rihanna completed this look with Spring 2016 Tom Ford Pumps with a slingback. Take a look at one of the models sporting the heels on the runway.

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In this photo taken with a fan, we can see Rihanna wore JOYRICH’s Yellow Iconic Logo Cap. It retails at $50.00 but is currently sold out.