Rihanna wearing Vetements, FENTY x PUMA

Vetements | FENTY x PUMA

Rihanna parties at Up & Down Nightclub wearing Vetements and FENTY x PUMA:

Rihanna’s debut at New York Fashion Week was a success! The show was great and the designs were even greater. If you missed the show, there’s no need to worry because we’ve got the footage posted in full for you all’s viewing pleasure! Did you catch the deets on her outfit? Find out what she wore to her FENTY x PUMA Fall 2016 presentation. After the event, Rihanna celebrated at Up & Down Nightclub. Here’s what she wore:

Rihanna changed out of her show attire and back into her pre-show look. We began covering it yesterday as she headed to the show. Only now, she tied her $1,565.00 Vetements Twill Double Shirt around her waist. Under which, she wore a matching $435.00 Vetements Central Split Twill Skirt. Rihanna has fallen hard for the Parisian label and it seems there’s no end in sight to her continued usage of their pieces in her everyday looks. Both her Spring 2016 top and skirt are available for purchase below.

Purchase: Vetements’ Black Twill Double Shirt

Purchase: Vetements’ Black Twill Central Split Skirt

Rihanna completed her look with socks and shoes from her Fall 2016 FENTY x PUMA Collection. Well known model, Gigi Hadid wore the socks as she strutted down the runway. The blue printed scarf Rihanna is wearing is also a piece she designed.

Images via: Rihanna-Diva