Rihanna in Acne Sweatshirt, Silver Spoon Attire Behind the Scenes Work

Acne | Silver Spoon Attire | PUMA

Rihanna take fans behind the scenes of recording her single, “Work” wearing Acne and Silver Spoon Attire:

Rihanna’s lead single, Work has been doing quite well on the charts! Rihanna hasn’t even performed the track and the video is still in the works! Speaking of which, we’ve already began are fashion rundown on what she’ll be wearing in the video! Head over to our previous post to check out what she’s wearing so far! Today, footage from the making of the track has released and here’s what she is wearing in the video

At this point during the footage, Rihanna sported a pair of all-white FENTY x PUMA Suede Creepers with Acne’s $290.00 Grey Drawstring Hooded Sweatshirt. As the video continues, the attention is drawn to the creepers we mentioned along with Silver Spoon Attire’s Spring 2016 Fringe Sweatpants. Take a look at their SS16 Collection below.

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