Rihanna Attends Coachella 2016: Fashion Recap

Rihanna in Lynn Ban jewels at Coachella

Lucid FC | Gucci | Chanel | Lynn Ban
What Goes Around Comes Around | Marc Jacobs | Fallon
Chopard | Balenciaga | Faith Connextion

Rihanna attends the Guns N Roses performance at Coachella wearing Vintage from What Goes Around Comes Around:

Rihanna managed to make her way into Coachella last night! Although she did not perform, SZA who was featured on the song “Consideration”, performed the track on stage at the event. Another cool thing that happened at Coachella were the sightings of the FENTY x PUMA Slides. Katy Perry wore a pair of unreleased footwear in pink while another attendee wore them in black. Get more details on the slides set to release on April 22nd from our previous post. Let’s take a look at what Rihanna wore:

Rihanna wears WGACA Vintage Harley Davidson at Coachella

Rihanna was spotted during the Guns N’ Roses set at Coachella alongside Courtney Love. So far the photos are scarce of Rih from the event. However, from this photo we were able to gather that Rihanna wore a vintage Harley Davidson sweatshirt modified with a few well place tears on the side along with a Vintage Chanel chain around her waist. The vintage sweatshirt was acquired from our friends over at What Goes Around Comes Around. Take an exclusive look at the actual top worn by Rihanna above! In addition, my eyes immediately went to the jewelry around her neck. My first guess was that it was from none other than LYNN BAN — and I was right!

Rihanna wears Lynn Ban Cameo Necklace and Fallon Choker at Coachella

Rihanna is wearing two special pieces from Lynn Ban and Fallon. The first piece is Lynn’s Cameo Necklace. As always, Lynn Ban and her amazing assistant Jett were so kind in providing me with these exclusive images of the LB piece Rihanna is wearing. They also revealed that the Cameo necklace is made of gold and the cameo is made of porcelain with . Rihanna then wore Fallon’s Custom Chantilly Lace Bandana made from a Vintage Hermès Scarf These pieces are certainly unique in their own right and fit for Rihanna in every way.

Rihanna wears Spring 2016 Gucci Sunglasses at Coachella

The rest of Rihanna’s look became more clear upon the release of this photo of her alongside actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. Here we can see she’s sporting a pair of Spring 2016 Gucci $1,190.00 Oversized Rhinestone Square Round-Frame Sunglasses.

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Rihanna wears Spring 2016 Gucci Sunglasses at Coachella

Round two of Coachella for Rihanna was another surprise to us all! Artist and past collaborator with Rihanna, Calvin Harris took the stage during the event. For his final set, Rihanna hit the stage and the duo performed We Found Love! Rihanna looked super cute wearing a Fringed American Flag Leather Sequined Jacket from Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2016 Collection.

Rihanna wears Faith Connextion Boyfriend Jeans at Coachella

Rihanna then wore a Vintage 1985 Grateful Dead Rock Band t-shirt from What Goes Around Comes Around with ripped jeans from the brand, Faith Connextion. The jeans feature two side pockets and retail at 550,00 € (approx. $623.00 US). What Goes Around Comes Around has a section of their online store dedicated to vintage tees like Rihanna’s! Shop for one of your own.

Rihanna wears Balenciaga Suede and Canvas Boots at Coachella

Rihanna completed this look with Balenciaga Suede and Canvas Boots. These boots are made of Camel suede calfskin, detailed with ecru canvas and a rugged lug sole. If you’ve gotta have these in your closet it’ll cost you $1145.00!

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Rihanna wears Lucid FC x Rothco Camo Cap at Coachella

Alot of you have been asking me about the camouflage hat Rihanna wore. A bit earlier we mentioned a brand had come forth with details that the hat was theirs. However, it’s been brought to my attention that the real brand behind the hat is our friends over at Lucid FC. The twins let me know that this is an unreleased cap from their collaboration with the military apparel brand, Rothco. The Tactical Operator Cap hat is slated to release on Lucid’s site and Urban Outfitters in August. Of course, Rihanna was able to get the hat early! Lucid FC informed me that Mel and Rihanna copped the hat days before Coachella from their showroom. We apologize for this mix up and will be updating you on purchase links for this item in the summer.

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