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Shop Rihanna’s PUMA Campaign Ad:

Back in December of last year, it was announced that Rihanna had been named creative director and brand ambassador for PUMA. When this occurred, we mentioned that Rihanna would front the label’s Fall 2015 Ad Campaign. Today we bring you the promotional photo featuring Rihanna for that campaign as well as several other promotional ads she’s done for the brand. We will be keeping you posted on the pieces you can buy for your own sports gear collection as they become available! Stay tuned for more updates!

Rihanna in PUMA Eskiva Hi Textured Shoe Evolution Number 9 Sweater

In the first image for the $100.00 PUMA Eskiva High Textured Shoe ad campaign Rihanna started things off with
She then wore a PUMA £45.00 (approx. $63.68) Evolution Number 9 Women’s Sweater. This piece is currently on sale for £31.00 (approx. $43.86 US) at Want it for even cheaper? Head over to Dr. Jays while supplies last. As mentioned, her kicks retail for $100.00. You can grab a pair below or Dr.Jays.

Purchase: PUMA Evolution Number 9 Sweater

Purchase: PUMA Eskiva High Textured Shoes

Rihanna in PUMA Disc Sleeve Ignite Foam PwrShape Bra

In the second new campaign image for the PUMA Disc Sleeve Ignite Foam Trainers, Rihanna wears a number of currently purchasable pieces. She began the look with a $28.00 PUMA Pwrshape Forever Bra in White. Down further in this post you’ll find she’s worn the Pwrshape in a different color as well. She then wore £14.00 (approx. $19.84 US) PUMA Logo Boxer Shorts in black/white.

Purchase: PUMA Pwrshape Forever Bra (white)

Purchase: PUMA Placed Logo Boxer Shorts

Rihanna in Fallon Heaux Ring Lynn Ban Mood Rings

In this particular photo, Rihanna dons a few accessories that aren’t readily seen. Let’s discuss. In her hand, she holds a PUMA $40.00 Disc Fit Adjustable Hat and she wears a $170.00 Fallon “Heaux” Signet Ring. At her side, is a $30.00 PUMA AOP T-Shirt. You’ll also find that she’s wearing Lynn Ban Mood Rings and her favorite Jennifer Fisher Custom Made “FENTY” Necklace. The Disc Sleeve Ignite Foam Trainer retails at $115.00 on

Purchase: PUMA Pwrshape Forever Bra (white)

Purchase: PUMA AOP T-Shirt

Purchase: PUMA Disc Fit Adjustable Hat

Purchase: PUMA Disc Sleeve Ignite Foam Trainers

Rihanna struck an athletic pose for the campaign ad wearing several pieces from PUMA. As of right now, only some of what she’s wearing is available for purchase. But we will keep you updated on further product releases.

For now, you can buy Rihanna’s $71.50 Clash Long Tights and $91.00 Pulse XT Geo Training Shoes. The tights are designed with tech savvy materials to draw sweat away from skin and help keep you dry and comfortable during exercise. Her lightweight trainer is ideal for all high-intensity workouts, both indoors and outdoors. You can also shop some of Rihanna’s personal picks from PUMA’s online store.

Purchase: PUMA Clash Long Tights

Purchase: PUMA Pulse XT Geo Training Shoes

In this backstage shot from another one of the released campaign images, Rihanna is wearing PUMA’s $44.99 Powershape Bra in the color, Blue Coral. This bra is made of Lycra, which offers compression , superior comfort and eliminates bounce. PowerCELL technology works with your body to enhance performance during exercise. It has one-piece molded cups that provide shaping and support, while reducing seam lines next to the skin. You can shop this piece NOW in the color Rihanna wore above and in Astral Aura. This bra is available in Gray and Blue Coral over at JD Sports.

You can also shop the rest of the advertised look which included $50.00 PUMA Flicker Sweatpants (Style Number 513614-02), on top of which she wore $40.00 PUMA 12″ Mixed State Short II (Style Number 513951-06) and $90.00 PUMA Ignite XT Training Shoe.

Purchase: PUMA Powershape Bra

Check out the campaign video below:

Of course, there is more. It is a known fact that Rihanna loves Creepers. Months ago, she began wearing a few custom pairs of “Creepy” Adidas, Nike and PUMA shoes courtesy of Mr. Completely. All of which you can see here. She has taken her love of the shoe to even greater heights by designing her own set of Creepers for her collaboration with PUMA. The pairs she designed will come in three different color-ways and are set to release September 25th — as we announced. What you see above is a look at two of the three color ways! Black/White and Black/Oatmeal.

It was revealed that ALL LIVING IN NEW YORK CITY will be able to visit the @PUMA pop-up store in East Village (it will be open from 12 to 5 p.m. on September 15th, and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on September 16th and 17th @ 312 Bowery Street, between East First and Bleecker Streets, in Soho) to pick up Rihanna’s NEW $120.00 Black/White Suede PUMA Creepers from her latest collection with brand slated to release to the masses on September 25th. Limited pairs will be available for sale during the pop-up, and purchases will be limited to ONE PAIR per person. The shoe will be available in the other two color-ways on the actual release day. The Black/White color way is NOW available! SHOP!

Purchase: PUMA by Rihanna Black/White Creepers

Purchase: PUMA by Rihanna Black/Oatmeal Creepers

In the newest snap from her campaign promotional shoot. She posed alongside rapper, Travis Scott wearing her $120.00 PUMA Black/White Suede Creeper. She’s also wearing a dress here, and we’ve discovered the designer! Rihanna wore a $NZD 425.00 (approx. $270.46 U.S.) Vent Slip. This Fall 2015 NOM*D full length slip dress features thigh-high side vents with a button closure and double adjustable shoulder straps. You can shop for this dress below on sale for $NZD 290.00 (approx. $184.77 U.S.).

Purchase: NOM*D Vent Slip

Rihanna announced that on November 20th the highly anticipated Suede Creeper would see its release for men! The shoe drops in three new color-ways! You can shop for these new colors at the links below.

Purchase: FENTY x PUMA Suede Creepers (pink)

Purchase: FENTY x PUMA Suede Creepers (white)

Purchase: FENTY x PUMA Suede Creepers (peacoat)

We got to see a few behind the scenes moments from the campaign shoot and Rihanna is wearing a denim jacket and trousers from look the Senior Collection of Pratt Institute Graduate, Giovanna Flores. This look is from the designer’s Spring 2016 Collection. You may remember it from her SNL performance in May of this year. She used this outfit to compliment her white creepers from her collection.