Rihanna wears Vintage 1993 Star Trek Tee

JOYRICH | Citizens of Humanity | Manolo Blahnik
Jacquie Aiche | Louis Vuitton

Rihanna wore a Vintage 1993 Star Trek Deep Space Nine Tee at Nobu:

Rihanna was seen last night at Nobu Restaurant in New York. Today we will be covering her look for the night. It was announced yesterday that she will be attending the Billboard Music Awards and will also perform! If you missed her look yesterday at The Nice Guy Nightclub head over to my previous post for details. Here’s what she wore last night!

Rihanna in Joyrich Iconic Logo Cap

Rihanna stepped out of the restaurant wearing a Joyrich Iconic Logo Cap in the color, Indigo. The cap retails at $50.00 but has now sold out.

Rihanna in Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik Denim Sequin Ankle Boots

Rihanna completed her look with a really cool Vintage Star Trek Tee from 1993. The film was called, Deep Space Nine. She also wore Citizens of Humanity jeans. Her choice of footwear was her very own Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik Dancehall Cowgirl Jewel Boots. The Light Blue Denim Sequin Detail Ankle Boots retail at $2,435.00.

Rihanna in Jacquie Aiche Cameo Ring, Louis Vuitton Bag

I also was able to spot her Jacquie Aiche Cameo rings and her bodyguard who held her Louis Vuitton $1,200 Damier bag.

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