Rihanna wears Spring 2016 Adam Selman and Chloe

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Rihanna heads out in Spring 2016 Adam Selman in NYC:

Rihanna was seen heading out today in New York. She’s been there for quite some time since the end of her anti world tour so expect to see much more of her around NYC for the duration of her time there! Let’s take a look at what she wore today.

Rihanna in Spring 2016 Adam Selman

Rihanna headed out in a floral print from her close friend and designer, Adam Selman. This particular dress was featured in his Spring 2016 Collection. You can check it out in its entirety below.

Rihanna wears Stella McCartney Britt Brogues

Rihanna completed her look with the same accessories she wore the other day with the exception of a few new pieces from Jennifer Fisher. The first in her list of accessories is her Stella McCartney Platform Brogues. These nude and coral pink brogues have an 80mm heel with a 50mm platform. Rihanna also carried a Spring 2016 Gold Dior Bag.

Rihanna wears Jennifer Fisher Orb Choker

The new pieces from Jennifer Fisher included her large hoop earrings as well as this Orb Choker! These items are currently unavailable for purchase but will be soon!

Rihanna owns Gucci Embroidered Denim Jacket

One of my Twitter followers pointed out this jacket a young lady was holding walking next to Rihanna. I noticed it too! While I’m uncertain as to whether it’s Rihanna’s or not, I can tell you all where it’s from! This is a Gucci Embroidered Denim Jacket and it’ll cost you around $4,400.00 if you want it for your very own.

Purchase: Gucci Shearling Embroidered Denim Jacket

Rihanna wears Spring 2016 Chloe

Looks like Rihanna stepped out last night! I just came across this photo courtesy of Diggzy. Rihanna was spotted at a club in New York around 4am and as usual there was yet another fashionable look!! Rihanna wore Chloe’s $5795.00 Tasseled Silk Crepon Blouse. The rest of Rihanna’s look included Chloe’s Frayed Denim Shorts. Both pieces are from the brand’s Spring 2016 Collection.

Purchase: Chloe Tasseled Silk Crepon Blouse

Purchase: Chloe Frayed Denim Shorts

Rihanna wears DSquared2 Ayers to the Knee Sandals

Rihanna completed her look with $1575.00 DSquared2 Ayers to the Knee Sandals. These sandals feature rap-around lace up and tie ankle straps, an open-toe silhouette with single strap across the front and a lightly padded leather footbed with the brand’s embossed logo.

Purchase: DSquared2 Ayers to the Knee Sandals

Rihanna's new Jacquie Aiche Jewelry

Finally, we have all of the pieces Rihanna wore from Jacquie Aiche in both of these looks with the exception of these gorgeous hoop earrings she wore this morning. She wore her Jacquie Aiche Onyx Eternity Bands, Blue Opal Petal Stack Rings, a Blue Opal Triple Kite Ring, as well as Assorted Aquamarine and Blue Opal 3×3 Diamond Rings on her other hand.

Rihanna's new Jacquie Aiche Jewelry

So after doing some digging I was finally able to track down the bag Rihanna carried! She is toting a satchel from the brand, Byredo. Her Small Byredo Satchel is called the Seema and it retails at $1900.00. While the yellow color she has isn’t available online, you can purchase it in black or white below.

Purchase: Byredo Seema Satchel (black)

Purchase: Byredo Seema Satchel (white)

Images via: Rihanna Vault | Rihanna-Diva