Rihanna wears vintage Nine Inch Nails Tee at West Village

Christian Dior |Manolo Blahnik | Jacquie Aiche
Dennis Basso | Citizens of Humanity | Chopard

Rihanna wears a vintage Nine Inch Nails tee in West Village:

Rihanna was spotted in West Village New York tonight! Take a look at what she wore!

Rihanna in Dior Rihanna Sunglasses

Rihanna was spotted tonight in New York wearing her collaborative Dior sunglasses. The Sunglasses will be sold exclusively at Dior stores beginning in early June. There is one frame available in six variations. The silver, pink, blue, green and red styles will retail for $840.00 while a deluxe 24-karat gold-plated version will sell for $1,950.00. It is notable that #Rihanna is the ONLY ambassador of the luxury label to collaborate on a design. Her jewelry for tonight consisted of some her favorites! She donned two of Jacquie Aiche’s Cameo Rings and four of Chopard’s Happy Hearts Bracelets.

Rihanna in Dior Rihanna Sunglasses

Rihanna then wore a fox-fur stole and a tie-dye vintage Nine Inch Nails 90’s tour t-shirt. The top features the band’s acronym emblazoned across the front (similar graphic pictured). She paired her top with Citizens of Humanity Jeans and her Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik Dancehall Cowgirl Jewel Boots. The Light Blue Denim Sequin Detail Ankle Boots retail at $2,435.00.

Rihanna in Dior Rihanna Sunglasses

You may have also noticed the stole she wore across her neck and arms. Rihanna’s stylist assistant informed me that this piece is from designer, Dennis Basso. Rihanna’s scarf/shawl is from the designers Fall 2016 Collection.

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