Melissa Updates Her Instagram During the Month of August (2016)

Melissa Updates her Instagram during the month of August 2016

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Melissa Updates her Instagram during the month of August (2016)

We’re back for another fashion-filled monthly post! As you all know, we’ll be keeping track of all of Mel’s outfits for the month of August. As with every month, you can always backtrack if you missed anything she wore last month. You can follow us at MTFFASHION on Instagram for a fast, simplistic rundown of Mel’s outfits while you’re on the go. Mel has also worn looks that she did not post onto her Instagram account. For the details on those outfits, visit her section: Melissa’s Closet.

Melissa in Gucci Ghost Headband

Melissa updated her Instagram on August 30th with this photo of herself. Here she’s wearing a $375.00 Gucci Ghost Pink Headband Super Retrofuture $229.00 Drew Mama Pink Pussycat Sunglasses. Her headband is the pink and red print and is a part of the Fall 2016 Collection that features artwork designs from Trouble Andrew. Rihanna herself has been loving her tote from the collection as well.

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Melissa in DSquared2 and Vintage Def Leppard

On August 17th, Melissa updated her Instagram with this photo of herself while enjoying sites amongst friends in Berlin. In this photo she’s wearing a $2,375.00 Oversized Multi-Pocket Trench Coat from DSquared2 and her Vintage 1992 Def Leppard T-Shirt, that she debuted back in May. You can still purchase this top for $19.84 on Etsy.

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Melissa in DSquared2 and Gucci

After Rihanna’s concert in Berlin on August 16th, Melissa posed with her crew wearing what’s become her favorite coat right now — her $2,375.00 DSquared2 Oversized Multi-Pocket Trench Coat. In addition, she again wore her $695.00 Gucci Tian Princetown Slippers. Melissa wore these slippers before in July.

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Original Video

On August 9th, Melissa posted this video while celebrating the birthday of Yusef, Rihanna’s hairstylist. Mel is wearing a $118.00 Reformation Nicosia Jumpsuit. 118.00 in the color, Cognac. This medium weight ribbed jersey jumpsuit features a V neckline and back, and a little cutout at the waist. Melissa wore this jumpsuit before in September of 2015. This piece is now sold out.

Melissa in DSquared2 and Palm Angels

Melissa’s posted this photo onto her Instagram account on August 7th. She covered up in this awesome $2,375.00 Oversized Multi-Pocket Trench Coat from DSquared2. Underneath, she sported Palm Angels $167.53 Legalize It Printed T-Shirt. Mel completed her look with $120.00 PUMA by Rihanna White Creepers and a $2,000.00 Jacquie Aiche Sweet Leaf Clutch.

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Melissa in Viking Wellies

On August 3rd, Melissa updated her Instagram from Denmark where Rihanna performed at Smukfest! In this photo, Melissa wore a pair of Super Retrofuture $245.00 Drew Mama Zoot Gold Sunglasses and a $99.95 ANTI World Tour Merchandise Black Trench Coat. Under her coat, Mel wore a $104.00 Trapstar London Best Kept Secret Top. Although it’s a bit hard to see I was able to track down her footwear! She completed this look with £45.00 Viking Retro Light Wellies in Black.

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