Rihanna Arrives in Poland Wearing FENTY x PUMA || August 4th

Rihanna's wears FENTY x PUMA in Poland

Louis Vuitton | FENTY x PUMA

Rihanna wears FENTY x PUMA after touching down in Poland:

Rihanna is currently in Poland! We can’t imagine how exciting it must be for her to travel the world over meeting and performing her hits for her countless fans! She was spotted not long after arriving in Poland yesterday. Let’s take a look at what she wore.

Rihanna in Custom Craig Green Coat

Rihanna kept things simple and comfortable upon arriving in Poland yesterday. She was seen wearing a Denim Louis Vuitton Monogram Cap with a “Anti-High” Hoodie from within her collection of ANTI World Tour merchandise. Although the black hoodie isn’t available online, you can get it in camouflage at the link below. She then wore a pair of $8.86 PUMA Heritage Crew Socks and her FENTY x PUMA LEADCAT Fur Slides in Black.

Purchase: PUMA Heritage Crew Socks

Purchase: FENTY x PUMA LEADCAT Slides

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