Rihanna's AW16 FENTY x PUMA Collection release


Rihanna attends the FENTY x PUMA Collection pop-up shop in New York:

Rihanna has arrived! As you all may or may not know, Rihanna was set to make a personal appearance at the pop-up shop for the release of her AW16 FENTY x PUMA Collection in New York! We know you guys cannot wait to get your hands on the pieces within her line up! Take a look at what she wore to the event:

Rihanna in AW16 FENTY x PUMA

It comes as no surprise to see Rihanna in head-to-toe FENTY x PUMA! Some of what she’s wearing isn’t available for purchase just yet so you’ll have to be patient. Rihanna’s fans and peers alike, have shown love for her many designs, and with much of the current selections from the collection being sold out already it’s clear that this line up will be another huge success!

Rihanna in AW16 FENTY x PUMA

Currently, her top is available as well as her trousers! You can get the $175.00 Super Long Crew Neck Crop Top Below. Now, the boots that she’s wearing are another version of the Eskiva Over-the-Knee Leather Boots. Hers have a pointed toe, while the ones that were on the runway have a flat bottom. We will keep you updated on when her exact shoes become available.

Purchase: FENTY x PUMA Super Long Crew Neck Crop Top

Purchase: FENTY x PUMA Tearaway Track Pants

Rihanna in AW16 FENTY x PUMA

After making an appearance at Bergdorf Goodman, Rihanna later made her way to SIX:02. Of course, it wouldn’t be right if Rihanna didn’t change outfits! She changed into this number from the runway show. She wore a black maxi dress from the collection. She’s also wearing a white neckpiece from the catwalk. Her neckpiece is not up for purchase yet.

Purchase: FENTY x PUMA Black Maxi Dress