Rihanna's ANTI World Tour outfits

ANTI World Tour

Rihanna’s ANTI World Tour Outfits:

Prior to the release of Rihanna’s highly anticipated album, ANTI came the welcomed news that she would be going on tour! The ANTI World Tour has both a US leg with the accompaniment of Travis Scott and a European leg which will feature The Weeknd. Here on RihannaOverdose we will have covered in extensive measure Rihanna’s last three tours: The Monster Tour with Eminem, her whirlwind 777 Tour as well as Diamonds World Tour. In this post, we will be keeping you abreast to the fashionable details on every look she’ll be wearing for this tour so stay tuned and keep checking back for updates on this post! Let’s get started!

Rihanna in Custom Craig Green Coat

Now before we delve I would just like to state that all of these outfits are custom and I’m very thankful to Alexa of Rihanna’s style team who worked together with Mel Ottenberg in giving me this info. Rihanna emerged wearing a white elongated coat designed by Craig Green.

Rihanna in Adam Selman Bodysuit Giuseppe Zanotti Chap Boots

Of course Rihanna didn’t stay covered up for long. She took off her coat to reveal a bodysuit designed by Adam Selman. Her boots were amazing! They are chap boots designed by Giuseppe Zanotti.

Rihanna in Adam Selman Catsuit

The next look is my favorite! Rihanna looked super sexy wearing a custom Catsuit designed by none other than Adam Selman with a complementary durag. The shoes are Manolo Blahnik.

Rihanna in Custom Armani Prive Coat and Jumpsuit

The next look was another stunner! Rihanna wore a hooded coat and a jumpsuit from Armani Privé. The heels here are also Manolo Blahnik. Pictured here, is Rihanna and Drake performing “Work” together in Miami and alongside you’ll find the designer sketch of the tour look from Armani.

Rihanna in Custom Y Project Suit La Roxx Bodysuit

Her final look was a custom suit from Y/Project with a La Roxx Bodysuit.

Rihanna in Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses

She also donned Vintage Christian Dior Sunglasses from our friends at Depuis 1924. The pair retail for $1,200.00. Rihanna’s jewelry is from Jacquie Aiche. Jacquie revealed to me that while no images were taken of the pieces she sent them off to Rihanna and they are custom!

Rihanna in ANTI World Tour Merch

On August 14th, the ANTI World Tour rolled on to Bucharest! Rihanna again changed looks! She also weaved in some jewelry that we’d like to discuss! On stage, Rihanna wore Fallon’s $290.00 Black Monarch Victoriana Velvet Choker along with their Monarch Jagged Edge Y Necklace. You can currently get her choker below.

Purchase: Fallon Monarch Victoriana Velvet Choker

Rihanna in ANTI World Tour Merch

In Bucharest, Rihanna also wore so many pieces from Lynn Ban! Lynn always gives us the exclusive on her beautiful jewels whenever Rihanna wears them and this look is no exception!

Rihanna in ANTI World Tour Merch

Rihanna donned several of Lynn’s rings, archive bracelets and this lovely Lynn Ban x FENTYxPUMA Rosary Necklace.

Rihanna in ANTI World Tour Merch

Here’s a closer look at the many rings we mentioned just a moment ago.

Rihanna in ANTI World Tour Merch

After Rihanna’s concert in Munich on August 7th, she met with a few of her fans and took pictures with them! She wore a too from her ANTI World Tour merchandise that retails at €35.00 at select venues of the tour. In addition, she wore a Green Rolex Cap. The vintage caps have been seen in various forms online on eBay but I was unable to track down this one. It goes for between $200-300+.

Rihanna in ANTI World Tour Merch

Rihanna brought her ANTI World Tour right into the middle of Smukfest in Denmark on August 3rd. She swapped her outfit up a bit by incorporating some of the European tour Merch into her ensemble. While keeping on her custom Giuseppe Zanotti Thigh-High Boots, she added on an orange hoodie with a gothic font along the arms and at the chest as well as an orange hat that features a lyric from her song, “Pose” (Bitch I Know You Know). The hoodie is no longer available at Colette but you can shop for her hat at the link below.

Purchase: Bitch I Know You Know Hat (Orange)

Rihanna brought her ANTI World Tour to Lille, France on July 23rd. She of course met more of her ‘Navy’ backstage after the show. She wore a familiar vintage R.Kelly tee that we spotted her wearing back in April. Her top has sold out but here’s a great look at both the front and back. It features the phrase, “Your Body’s Callin’ Me” on the back.

Rihanna in Chloè Denim Maxi Dress

Cute, cute, CUTE! Rihanna posed backstage in Spain on July 21st wearing this lovely number from the brand, Chloè. She is sporting the label’s $1,230.00 Tiered Ruffle Off-Shoulder Drawstring Denim Maxi Dress. This look is currently 70% off at the link below! Happy shopping!

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Rihanna in Gucci Beret

Rihanna posed backstage after the show in Lyon on July 19th with one of her fans. She wore a $600.00 Gucci Metallic Pink Beret along with this $24.00 “Duck the Police” t-shirt. Purchase both pieces below!

Purchase: Gucci Metallic Pink Leather Beret

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Rihanna in Vetements Hoodie

Rihanna posed backstage on July 17th after her concert wearing a $1,265.00 Vetements Black ‘Total Fucking Darkness’ Hoodie. Splurge on the piece below. Rihanna also wore a cute pair of Gucci Marmont GG Zebra Stripe Pumps. These heels retail at $950.00! Shop the pump below.

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Purchase: Gucci Marmont GG Zebra Stripe Pumps

Rihanna in Ganni Floral Jacket and Skirt

Rihanna took this photo alongside the PR representative for Super Sunglasses, La Pisa backstage after her show in Milan. Rihanna is wearing a look from the Danish label, Ganni. She is wearing a $374.00 Ganni Sanders Quilted Floral Print Jacket with a matching $234.00 Floral Slip Dress. You can purchase both below. I can also see she donned her b> Spring 2016 Collection $2,875.22 Versace Embellished Cotton & Leather Versace bag.

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Rihanna in Marques'Almeida Frayed Skirt

Rihanna’s ANTI World Tour stampeded into Turpin on July 11th and a couple of her fans got the opportunity to meet her backstage! She looked adorable wearing a $770.00 Marques’Almeida Denim Frayed Wrap Skirt. This piece is now sold out. In her ears, Rihanna wore Jennifer Fisher’s 3″ Silver Samira Hoops.

Purchase: Jennifer Fisher 3″ Silver Samira Hoops.

Rihanna in Granted London

Rihanna brought her ANTI World Tour to Copenhagen on July 7th. Backstage after the show she was spotted wearing a £60 Granted Dusty Pink Oversized Sweatshirt with . You can purchase this top for your own collection below.

Purchase: Granted London Dusty Pink Distressed Sweatshirt

Rihanna in ANTI Tour Merchandise

After her concert on July 4th in Stockholm, Rihanna posed with some of her fans wearing pieces from the new catalogue of tour merchandise for the European leg of the tour. The hat she is wearing says “Bitch I Know You Know” which is a lyric from her track, Pose on ANTI.

The ANTI World Tour kicked off its European leg on June 17th in Amsterdam. Rihanna was captured in Melissa’s video dabbing in her AW16 FENTY x PUMA Collection. She also wore a hat with the word, “Terrible” emblazoned on the front. This hat is from Terrible Records and is affordably priced at $25.00! Get one below as we await the FW16 FENTY x PUMA released.

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May 18th was the last show date of the North American leg of the ANTI World Tour. She was spotted in a few videos backstage after the concert wearing a lace up sleeveless dress from her AW16 FENTY x PUMA Collection.

Rihanna in Vintage 1991 Star Trek Tee

On May 14th, Rihanna posed backstage after her concert in Houston, Texas. She wore another vintage Star Trek t-shirt! On May 12th, she was spotted at Nobu restaurant wearing one. This time around she opted for Star Trek Tee from 1991. Take a closer look above! Would you like to see the back of her shirt? Check it out!. Currently there is only ONE of these available online. If you’d like to be the lucky person to own it shop below!

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Rihanna in AW16 FENTY x PUMA Wide-Leg Trousers

May 13th, Rihanna again was photographed alongside stylist, Nini Nguyen backstage. This time around, she wore more pieces from her AW16 FENTY x PUMA. Although this particular colorway wasn’t featured on the runway, one of the male models sported a black pair of the oversized wide-leg trousers in black. The top is also from the collection.

Rihanna in Jacquemus Pinstripe Wool-Twill Wrap Dress

On May 3rd, Rihanna met one of her fans backstage after her tour date. In this photo, Rihanna is wearing a $525.00 Jacquemus Pinstripe Wool-Twill Wrap Dress. This sold out dress has a blazer-inspired silhouette. You can take a better look Rihanna in this dress from this video.

Rihanna in Trapstar London Irongate T Cap

April 30th, Rihanna posed with a few of her fans wearing Trapstar London’s $60.00 Irongate T Cap in Navy along with her favorite $4,418.00 Vetements Shearling Transformer Coat. In her hand, she carried her $1,200.00 Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Alma BB Bag. The Damier Ebene Alma BB is a small bowling style tote with the label’s signature checked coated canvas.

Purchase: Trapstar London Irongate T Cap
Purchase: Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Alma BB Bag

Rihanna in Vetements Definition Hoodie

Rihanna posed backstage on March 24th after the show in Auburn Hills. Here, she’s sporting a $1216.00 Vetements Hoodie. The sold out piece features the definition of the word “hoodie” on the back. She previously wore it back in February.

Rihanna in LeftHand LA DARKWOOD Sweats

March 22nd, Rihanna posed with a fan backstage at the ANTI World Tour in Washington DC. Here she is wearing a $238.00 LeftHand Darkwood Hoodie with matching $180.00 Darkwood Sweatpants in pink. Left Hand is an LA-based brand established by Julie Kucharski in 2015. Each piece is a reworked, one-of-a-kind collaboration. Check out the brand’s online store! Rihanna also donned her $160.00 Monarch Bandana by Fallon Jewelry.

Rihanna in X Girl Twill Logo Cap

On March 19th, Rihanna toured in Cincinnati, Ohio and met one of her fans backstage. She posed for the photo op in her favorite BAPE x PUMA
And this cool $70.00 X Girl Twill Logo Cap. Unfortunately, both piece shave sold out!

Rihanna in FENTY x PUMA AW16 Hoodie

On the tour’s first stop in Jacksonville, Rihanna met a few lucky fans! In this photo, she is wearing an oversized hoodie from her AW16 FENTY x PUMA Collection.

Rihanna in Miu Miu Noir Sunglasses

She also wore a cute pair of $415.00 Miu Miu Noir Sunglasses. The “Noir” features sophisticated forties-style medium tortoiseshell frames with antiqued metal temples and an engraved Miu Miu logo.

Review: FENTY x PUMA AW16 Collection

Purchase: Miu Miu Noir Tortoise Shell Sunglasses

Rihanna in Haider Ackermann Creased Velvet Ankle Boots

Rihanna is rounding off her stellar ANTI World Tour in Abu Dhabi. The tour began last year and after many shows, packed stadiums and arenas the tour draws to a close. It’s been three years since Rihanna performed in Abu Dhabi. In fact, her last show was during her iconic Diamonds World Tour. Tonight’s show included new outfits so we’ll be breaking those down! To start, Rihanna began the show in a complete look from the Fall 2016 Couture Collection of Alexandre Vauthier. The look included a studded camouflage jacket and trousers. She also wore a $245.00 Fleur Du Mal Leather Strap V Neck Bodysuit.

Rihanna in Haider Ackermann Creased Velvet Ankle Boots

Rihanna also wore pieces from Hood by Air. I noticed her HBA Classics get up was put on display during the Hood by Air Spring 2017 Runway Show. You can see a little bit of the logo from this look on the catwalk.

Rihanna in Haider Ackermann Creased Velvet Ankle Boots

After the show, Rihanna posed with a few of the attendees wearing Vionnet’s Fall 2016 Collection. The long tunic features a cutout design in the front.