Rihanna's ANTI World Tour outfits

VETEMENTS | Namilia | Balmain
Jacquie Aiche | Louis Vuitton | Timberland

Rihanna was spotted out in New York today:

Rihanna was spotted out and about in New York tonight. She’s been pretty busy this month and last month with the filming for her upcoming role in the movie Ocean’s 8. In even more exciting news, Rihanna is set to drop the last installment of her FENTY x PUMA Collection for the year and her velvet creepers release tomorrow in three different colors! Check them out below!

Rihanna in Celine Fall 2016 Trousers

I’ll also provide you all with some retail links below this post so you can get your pair before they sell out. First things first, let’s get into Rihanna’s outfit.

Rihanna in Celine Fall 2016 Trousers

Rihanna stepped out in one of her favorite pieces of winter outerwear from VETEMENTS. She covered up in their $4,418.00 Shearling Transformer Coat. She’s worn it many times over the past year or so but unfortunately, it has sold out online.

Rihanna in Celine Fall 2016 Trousers

Underneath her coat, Rihanna wore a Red Namilia Velour Motorcycle Jacket. I wasn’t able to track down an online purchase link for the piece in red but it is available for €170.00 in blue below. Other pieces of her look included an old pair of Balmain Homme Jeans, a $190.00 Timberland 6″ Waterproof Boots and a pair of Le Specs Wild Child $79.00 Sunglasses in Matte Black.

Rihanna in Celine Fall 2016 Trousers

Rihanna also wore her selection of Jacquie Aiche Rings that included two cameo rings and Ann unreleased Pyrite Hanalei Flower Ring.

Purchase: Namilia Velour Motorcycle Jacket

Purchase: Timberland 6″ Boots

As promised, here are a list of retailers selling the new Velvet CREEPER: