Rihanna Covers Harper’s Bazaar’s 150th Anniversary Issue: Fashion Recap

Rihanna for Harper's Bazaar's 150th Anniversary Issue

Cartier | Stella McCartney | Bottega Veneta | Salvatore Ferragamo | Hermes
Christian Dior | Ralph Lauren | Chopard | Gaspar

Rihanna covers Harper’s Bazaar’s 150th Anniversary Issue:


What’s better than a new photo shoot from Rihanna? I mean let’s face it, the Bajan beauty is stunning. We can’t get enough of her! Rihanna is Harper’s Bazaar’s cover girl for their special 150th Anniversary Issue! In this shoot photographed by Mariano Vivanco, Rihanna takes flight channeling the great Amelia Earhart. The following looks were styled by Mel Ottenberg.


Channeling Amelia Earhart:

Rihanna wearing Tod's Spring 2017

Rihanna is wearing a $6,200.00 Spring 2017 Tod’s Leather Trench Coat. She wore $695.00 Armani Boots with $42,600.00 Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch.

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Rihanna wearing Stella McCartney Spring 2017

Rihanna stepped out wearing Spring 2017 Stella McCartney. Her jacket retails at $1,295.00, her trousers cost $1,065.00. She wore the $42,600.00 Jaeger-LeCoultre watch we mentioned previously with $180.00 Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses. Rihanna donned a pair of $1,900.00 Hermés Shoes.

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Rihanna wearing Hermes Spring 2017

This look is my favorite! Rihanna is wearing Spring 2017 Hermès! She sported their $2,100.00 jacket, $3,100.00 pants with $1,475.00 Mules. Rihanna’s jewelry is designed by Chopard/Dior.

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Rihanna wearing Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2017

Rihanna’s aviation looks are both modern and sexy! This picture is a more feminine take on flight wear. Mel chose Salvatore Ferragamo’s Spring 2017 Collection. This look included Salvatore’s $1,290.00 jacket and $1,550.00 skirt. She paired the look with $145.00 Gaspar Gloves and $725.00 Stella McCartney Heels. She wore a Jacob & Co. ankle bracelet.

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Rihanna wearing Bottega Veneta Spring 2017

I’ve changed my mind! THIS is my favorite look! Rihanna is definitely channeling Amelia in this photo. She strikes a strong pose wearing Spring 2017 Bottega Veneta. Her look included Bottega Veneta’s $1,200.00 Shirt and $1,350.00 Skirt. The flight hat Rihanna wore is actually vintage from Ralph Lauren. She wore a $21,720.00 Chopard necklace, $51,010 Chopard Watch, Christian Dior Rings and a $5,250.00 Cartier Bracelet.

Rihanna wearing Ralph Lauren Fall 2016

Rihanna got to feel the wind in her hair by sitting in the pilot’s seat of the old model plane in this photo. Here, she’s wearing a $3,495.00 Ralph Lauren Jumpsuit with $3,490.00 Ralph Lauren Jacket. Her accessories include $145.00 Gaspar Gloves and $438.00 JW Anderson Goggles.

Subscribers Issue:

Rihanna wearing Couture Christian Dior

This image is from the subscribers issue of Harper’s Bazaar. I couldn’t help but think of the late Marilyn Monroe. Rihanna is wearing Couture Christian Dior. She included the vintage Ralph Lauren Flight Cap we discussed previously. Her jewelry is from Chopard.

Rihanna wearing Stella McCartney Spring 2017

Rihanna is owning the skies in this shot! She is wearing a $2,675.00 Stella McCartney Jumpsuit. The look included $685.00 Louis Vuitton Sunglasses, $7,000.00 Cartier Earrings, $29,900.00 Cartier Necklace, with a $35,300.00 Cartier Bracelet. Rihanna is wearing a $495.00 Ralph Lauren Collection Belt and $1,440.00 JW Anderson Boots. Her Gaspar gloves were worn throughout the shoot.

Rihanna wearing Ralph Lauren Fall 2016

Rihanna posed in Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2016 Collection. Her coat retails at $3,790.00. He dress costs $4,390.00.

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